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Have the best wedding DJ at your Miskin Manor Wedding!

Miskin Manor Wedding

About the hotel


Miskin manor has been given incredible reviews for its weddings. You don’t have to look far to see it is rated as one of the best wedding venues in Wales.  Photos of your wedding day will be spectacular whether you are having your photos shot outside on the Miskin Manor lawns or inside in one of its gorgeous rooms


Have a look at the Miskin Website to see more information on the Venue. Or simply contact the hotel though this page here to find out more information.

Wedding DJ Miskin Manor

So, you know your wedding day is going to be great and when the party kicks off in the evening you want to make sure that you have a party that is fitting of the venue.


Too Many DJS


At the moment you are probably just planning your day and have hundreds of questions running thought your head..



“Should we have a band or a DJ”

“DJ’s are cheaper than a band but are they as good?”

“There are loads of DJ’s, which one is the best to go with?”

“Why are all the DJ’s different prices, surely they all do the same thing?”


I have heard all these before, so let me run you through my answers.

You should have a DJ that is fitting for your incredible Miskin Manor Wedding!

Lets meet!


Disco at Miskin Manor

“Should we have a band or a DJ”


Yes bands are generally more expensive than a DJ. However there are some bands out there that you could get for a couple of hundreds quid. So, if you are only going with a DJ because of the price, make sure you have had a good look through all the Bands first.


Remember DJ’s don’t just press play and stand there, a good DJ knows how to read a room, how to keep people up on their feet. A DJ has the power to realize that the crowd are enjoying a certain type of song and keep those songs coming. A band will only ever have a limit of songs in their arsenal.


A DJ could keep the party going for a longer time and generally keep the crowd rocking.

DJ at the miskin manor hotel
dancing to DJ

“There are loads of DJ’s, which one is the best to go with?”


The Miskin Manor has featured hundreds of weddings so I’m sure the wedding planner will have a few up their sleeve, but have they actually had the DJ play at their own wedding?


Always make sure you visit the website of the DJ you are having and have a look at their testimonials. How many do they have? Do they look real?


Please click here to see my testimonials and read my reviews from brides at previous weddings I have done.


“Why are all the DJ’s different prices, surely they all do the same thing?”


I always say, a great party is a very simple formula; great company, great music and last but not least, booze. When all said and done I’m sure you will agree.


But, there is fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong!


You want to make sure the great music is the great music YOU like listening too, not what music the DJ likes. You want to make sure that the DJ will listen to you and do as you wish. After all, it is your wedding day.


For me, the bride and the groom come first. I will play when you want me to play, I will start and stop when you ask and will play any song that is requested.


The day is the most special day of your life and I respect this whole-heartedly.




Have two hours of dance action captured with my go pro package!

Meet me


I could chat all day about what I think makes a great DJ and more often than not it comes down to someone who goes above and beyond to make sure they cater to every wish of the Bride and groom.


Your wedding at the Miskin Hotel will be great and I hope you choose me to entertain you and your guests in the evening!


Have a look at an introduction video of me here. I hope you can see I am friendly well spoken and polite. I would love to meet you so get in touch if you have any questions.



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