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More about us and our DJ style

What we are not....

Strange place to start, I know, but hear me out. I believe there are "wedding DJs" and DJs that do weddings. We are the latter of the two.


We all know the stereotype of the wedding DJ - an overweight, middle-aged man wearing an ill-fitting tux, playing nothing but five-year-old top 40 hits. Unfortunately, this stereotype is still based in reality.


If you are looking for someone to talk over the mic and play party games, we are probably not your guys.


However, if you want modern, young, experienced DJ’s who plays all the hits, past and present, Wedding DJ Cardiff is the DJ service for you!

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Why we DJ?

We started Dj'ing for fun really, and to this day it is a hobby. It is important that you know, we enjoy what we do.

All of the equipment we use is our own which is regularly tested.

You can see from our equipment page, that it all amounts to thousands of pounds worth of gear which is a testament to show how seriously we take this.


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Our Style 

We are thirty years old, so we are around the age the average person gets married in the UK. The chances are that we have grown up listening to similar music so we can often relate to the type of music people like at their wedding.


However, in the past, we have been asked for an array of music to be played from cheesy hits to dance. We feel our DJ style is reasonably simplistic so we can adapt to any music type.


We like to just play the songs through and gradually mix into the next song that fits best. It is as simple as that. The reason for this is that generally, people at a wedding are not interested in a performance; they just want to have a good boogie to their favourite songs. Complex mixing and quick sampling does not always make for a good dance. 


We consider ourselves to have an ability to read the crowd and play the songs that are going to get people on their feet. Assessing the audience and playing music accordingly is a skill that comes from experience and good knowledge of music.


We are definitely not the type of DJ's who talks over the microphone every five minutes, and we try to avoid cheesy music (unless requested).


We are reliable, professional and take pride in making every party the best it can be.

Our Appearance

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We are smart, tidy and presentable. We always dress appropriately in evening formal attire.

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Clearly Spoken

I thought you would like to see exactly what we are like which is why we put a video of ourselves on this page. Hopefully, you will agree that we are clearly spoken, warm and friendly. If needed we are available to make important announcements to ensure your guests do not miss any critical stages of your wedding.

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Your Input 

It's crucial we meet up so we can help you plan your party and make your big day perfect. At Wedding DJ Cardiff, we can create an entirely bespoke night, customise your event from start to finish, dictate playlists and a schedule, or just let me know the feel you are looking for and let us take care of everything else.


Meeting up also allows you to put us on the spot and ask me any questions you want – I would like you to get to know us a little better. Together we could potentially come up with ideas that could make your day even better.

We will also need to go through timings, your grand entrance, first dance and everything else. 

If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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