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Hire an alternative wedding DJ

Alternative DJ for your wedding


So what makes an alternative wedding DJ? Well I guess we have to start by looking at what a stereotypical wedding DJ is. Here would be my list


1.Cheese music such as the YMCA and the Macarena.

2. Turns up with rubbish multi coloured lighting and a laptop.

3.Middle age and overweight in appearance with an ill fitted tux.

4. Constantly talking over the songs to the girls and ruining everyone else’s flow.

5. No chart music at all. Only tired, overplay hits from the 80’s.



You get the idea. Unfortunately I have some bad new for you; there are still a lot of these DJ’s out there. This awful stereotype is still based in a reality and even though these guys probably were current when they began wedding DJing back in the 80’s, these days they are tired and warn out.

Don't hire a tired middle age man for the best night of your life. Have a young alternative DJ who will play all the hits.

Alternative Wedding DJ

About Me

My name is Phil Harris and I am a Wedding DJ in Cardiff, I started off DJ’ing in clubs in London but started doing weddings and haven’t looked back since.


From working in clubs my style is often recent chart music that people love to dance to. I also have a huge collection of Motown to 80s and 90s that I know people love to dance to at a wedding.


If you are looking for a wedding DJ who is slightly younger and can play recent chart tracks then you have found him.


Unlike many other weddings DJs who often turn up with a laptop and some small speakers,  I bring along a full sound system and a proper mixing desks. This can really make all the difference between a good disco and an amazing one. I am great at being able to switch between genres without disturbing the flow of the dance floor too much.


Throughout the night I can mix up my music and play a bit of something for everyone. I love to get people up on their feet and keep them there.

My style of DJ'ing

My style of DJ’ing is “modern club”. Before everyone panics, let me explain.  I like to play all the hits that will get people up and dancing however, this is NOT all I play. I also play Motown, some older classic that I know are going to get the majority up on their feet but by the end of the night I would say most of my music would be hits from the last 5 years.


I can play anything from rap to house music but the bottom line is that I play the hits that get people dancing. If your crowd love rap, I will end up playing more of it and if your crowd simply loves 80’s hits, I will play more of these. Because of my wide range of music tastes I can adapt a lot better than other DJ’s and it means if you have a really rowdy crowd at your wedding I can take people a lot higher than other DJ’s.


Alternative DJ set for your wedding

Before your big day

I will ask you to send me a complete list, as big or as small as you like with all your favorite music. At that point I was go away and build a custom set list for you based on your favorite music mixed in with the hits that I know are going to make your wedding one that everyone remembers!


Along with the list of do’s I always ask for a list of don’ts. Are there any songs, bands or genres you want me to avoid at all costs? These are tracks that you don’t want played even if someone requests them on the night.



Why am I alternative?

I am alternative to all the other wedding DJs out there because I will play the music you want played, not the music I want to play. As I mentioned I am 28 so I am around the average age of people getting married so there is a high chance we grew up listening to the same songs


Get in touch

Why not get a quote today to see how much I charge for your big day. I am convinced that you will be pleasantly surprised with my reasonable prices.


I hope to speak to you soon.

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