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Are you having a birthday in Cardiff? Are you looking to hire out a professional DJ?

Birthday DJ Cardiff

Hire a professional DJ



I know the name of this site is wedding DJ Cardiff, but in all honestly I only named the site that as that majority of the work I have done over the last few years has in fact been weddings. But this certainly does not mean that I only do weddings and no other work. If you have a birthday event coming up and would like to have a professional Birthday DJ in Cardiff to keep your party entertained, then I am more than happy to do it.


There is no real difference between Djing at a birthday and a wedding really, the name of the game is to get everyone together dancing to great music that everyone loves.


There is no magic formula but experience has given me the skills to quickly work out what type of music is going to get the majority of people up on their feet.


On top of this I have very high quality speakers and lighting that will create an instant atmosphere that will want to get people up and dancing. My equipment is worth thousands of pounds and is regularly tested to insure it will run perfectly at your birthday event in Cardiff.

Birthday dj hire in south wales

From sixteenth birthdays to eighteenths


Whatever age you are or whatever age the crowd is most people like different “types of music”. So one type of music might be “modern hits” from Rhianna to David Guetta”, or another might be “60’s hits”, “70,s hit”, “80’hits”. The lists goes on. The main tool for a DJ is to have quick access to these different types of music.


The first thing most DJs will do is look around the room and take a guess at what music is going to go down the best. That doesn’t mean that will will get it right first time. Then you play out the music and see how well it goes down. If everyoine loves it, then obviously you just keep playing more of the same, but if the crowd isn’t really “feeling it”, then you might try a different track. Before you know it, you will stumble upton a track that really gets the crowd going.

Once you have hit the nail on the head you just keep the hits coming. 


Benefits of playing at birthdays.


Most DJ’s that play at clubs and night clubs are told, no matter what, just play dance music, or just play drum and bass. I have always had a problem with this thought because what happens if no one is really feeling drum and bass and you know in your head what track would really get the room moving, you are stuck. With Birthdays, you will usually have quite a cross section so you are free to play what ever music you want.



Why choose me?


I am friendly, reliable and fun. The name of the game is to make sure you hire someone you know if going to turn up, be friendly to everyone and make sure everyone has a great time. I know I can do this and I like to think from my testimonials that there are many people who agree with me. Why not give me a ring and we can have a quick chat. I can run your through all the packages that I offer for birthdays and we can see which one suits you best.


Hopefully speak to you soon!


Need a local Cardiff DJ to play at your bithday bash? Get in contact today!

Lets meet!


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