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Want a top DJ to play at your Bryngarw House wedding

Bryngarw house wedding dj

I recently had the pleasure to play a wedding at Bryngarw house. The couple whose wedding I played at also bought my go pro packages so I actually filmed two hours of the wedding night. I have included this video on this page so feel free to actually watch the wedding for yourself. If you are interested in buying this go pro pro footage of your dance floor it is only an extra £50 and you can keep this as a small momentum of your fabulous wedding day.


Have the best Bryngarw party you can have!

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About Bryngarw House




This wedding location is really beautiful; it is a lovely Manor house out towards Bridgend. The wedding I did was out in a Marquee at the back of the house but the guest had access to most of the rooms downstairs. The couple whose wedding I did, also booked out a portable casino for one of the rooms which was a really nice touch as it gave all the guests a reason to funnel in and out of the rooms.


The Marquee I DJ’d in had its own bar and was spacious enough for up to 40-50 people to get on the dance floor as you can see in the video attached.


If you are interested in the Venue then why not have a look at their website here or if you are undecided about having your wedding a Bryngarw then why not see some reviews from other brides and grooms that have previously got married here and see what they say about how the venue.

DJ set up at bryngarw house

Mention about the food


I obviously only turned up in the evening but I can also say that we had some of the evening food and it was very tasty. This is a massive perk because there is nothing more people love to do at weddings than eat and drink!

Bryngarw house wedding disco

Why book me as your wedding DJ


Please take a moment to have a look around the rest of my website and read a little more about me and why I DJ. Have a quick watch through this video and listen to what I am actually like as a DJ. As you will probably noticed, I love to play slightly more modern dance songs but I also love to throw in some of the old classic and throwback songs.


I come from a club DJ background so for me, I love to keep my playlist up to date with all the current hits and love to play music that you would typically hear if you were to go out clubbing for a night in Cardiff. Having said this, I am happy to tailor my set to the type of music that you and your guests love.


On this page I have also included some images of what my DJ set looked like in Bryngarw.


If you are interested, why not get in touch today to see how I could give you and your guests an amazing party to end your Wedding day


Dancing at bryngarw house
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