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Wedding DJ for Cardiff Masonic Hall

Cardiff Masonic Hall

About the Venue

A venue that is growing in popularity is the Cardiff Masonic Hall. You may not of heard of this building before but if you know Cardiff City centre, you will probably know which building it is.


It is a large stone building next to the Thai house in the City Centre. If you can picture where the Chapel is at the end of Churchill Way and look across the road you will probably know the building that doesn’t appear to have any Windows or doors. This is the Cardiff Masonic Hall. The venue is actually a really nice place for a wedding. For one, it is the middle of Cardiff so very easy to get to, it is literally about 3 minute walk from Queen Street Station.


The interior design of the building is grand and Victorian in appearance. There are lots of large rooms to hold medium to large weddings and on a side note, because there are few windows, it makes it a great place for a disco. As you can see from these images I took, the room is completely transformed by my lighting.


Something else which is quite novel about the function room is that it actually has a stage; this is always a bonus for me because it means my DJ equipment does not encroach on the dance floor. It means everything is completely out of the way.


Just on a personal note, the food at the venue was actually one of the best I have ever had at a wedding!

Have an experienced DJ for your Cardiff Masonic Hall Wedding

maisonic hall cardiff DJ

Why Choose me to play at your Masonic Hall Wedding


As you have probably already guessed I am a Cardiff based Wedding DJ. I have been doing weddings for a few years now I have had experience playing to the biggest and smallest crowds in most of the Venues in Cardiff and throughout South Wales.


When it comes to DJing, all you really need are three things


  1. Good equipment

  2. A great playlist of songs

  3. An experienced DJ who can cater to the party you want.


DJ set up at the Masonic Function Room

What do i mean by cater to the party you want.

Well believe it or not, not everyone wants a DJ to get the entire room dancing. Quite often I have people tell me that the evening is more of a social event where they want me to play music at a volume where people can still have a good conversation. If you think about it, many Weddings are a time when you get together with a load of people you haven’t seen in years and really you want to do a bit of catching up in the evenings.


However it is much more common for me to have people ask me to get people up dancing. This is my speciality. I have always enjoyed watching people dance and working out what types of songs get crowds of people moving. Usually it is the same songs but there are certain crowds where you have to dig a little deeper to find tracks that really get people going. This is where experience kicks in, something that I have in abundance.



If you are at all interested in having me DJ at you wedding at the Cardiff Masonic hall, why not get in touch today to see if I am free.





Disco Lights at Cardiff Masonic Hall
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