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Cheap P.A Hire Cardiff

  • £100 for the day! NO HIDDEN FEES


  • Fully insured and tested regularly for personal use!


  • Public speaking, up to 1000 people


  • Disco, up to 200 people.


  • Professional Mic for extra £10


  • Free delivery and pic up


  • Free Set up!

Hire professional speaker for cheap in Cardiff

Do you have an event where you simply need a good quality P.A system to hire out in Cardiff? Nothing overly fancy, just something that is going to help you project your voice or music so more people can hear?


You could potentially go to a large speaker hire company and pay hundreds of pounds, or you could just rent them for cheap off a wedding DJ.


All my prices are included at the top of my page. I am happy to rent out my professional “Studio Master” Sound system for £100. As long as the event is in driving distance from Cardiff, I will happily drive to the event, erect the system and leave you to it. Then at the end, I will come and collect them, all for £100.

Are the speakers good quality?

Absolutely! Feel free to look into the company ‘studio master’ if you want to read more about them but all I can say is I have been using them for years. The quality is impeccable and they are regularly tested. All my equipment is also insured for up to £10,000.

How loud is the P.A system?

My PA system can be used to project your voice quite comfortably to over 1000 people. If you are having a large party, I also have a subunit that can pack a punch. The speakers can easily get up to 200 people on their feet, with no distortion.


If you are having a big party, why not have me DJ at it for an extra £200?


Many people have hired out my speakers for different events here is what they say.



“We didn’t want a full DJ so we simply hired out Phil’s speakers for my sons 18th.  They filled the room and got everyone on their feet. Phil was very helpful, he came around, set them up and collected them the next day. No hassle, brilliant service!”


Sarah Mills, Cardiff


“We had a large office event where we simply needed some speakers and a Mic. We must have saved ourselves about £300 going with Phil. The speakers were perfect; the mic was great quality, and everything went without a hitch; totally worth it!”


Jon Simmons, Company Owner in Cardiff

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