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Choose the right DJ for your Cardiff Wedding

Which dj for your cardiff wedding

OK, so I know this seems like an odd bit of advice coming from me. You would think that I would want every single customer I could get. Actually that isn’t the case. DJs all do very different things and I might not be the perfect wedding DJ for you. For example, if you are looking for someone to do party games with the crowd or someone to introduce each song into the mic, I am probably not the DJ you are looking for.


In this short blog I want to give you some pointers as to what you should look for when deciding which DJ is the best to play at your Cardiff wedding.

My top tips to find the right DJ for your wedding!

choose the perfect dj for your cardiff wedding

1. First appearance is everything.

I know you might not think it but you will probably decide if the DJ is right for you just by seeing them for the first time. It has been said that in interviews, most employers make up their mind about a person before they have even opened their mouth. So much time and effort will go into how people perceive your wedding day, you might find that you even take the DJ’s appearance into account. So my first bit of advice is always see a picture of the person Dj’ing at your wedding. Decide if that is the person who you want responsible for the entire evening party?

2. Speak to them

You want to make sure that the person announcing the first dance is clear, well spoken and a voice you don’t find really annoying. This is your big day and you have to make sure everything is perfect.


On top of this, you want to get a flavor of what is person is like; do you get on with them? Do they seem trustworthy and reliable? Are they passionate about DJ’ing or are they just doing it reluctantly to pay the bills? You are the employer of this person for that evening and you have to treat it as such. Would you employ this person to work for you? That is exactly what you are doing.

3. What is their equipment like?

Always ask to see exactly what the set up will look like before hand. Is it the same in all the pictures? You don’t want someone to turn up with the most tacky looking lights and equipment. You also want to make sure it is the same equipment every time. Otherwise they could turn up and bring different equipment from what they showed you in the picture.



Visuals are important and you need to make sure that the disco is one you are happy with.


(I post all my equipment on the site so you can research it and see the quality for yourself.)

4.Are you speaking to the person who will turn up on the night?

There are many DJ companies out there that have great salesmen. Make sure that you are speaking to the actual person who will be turning up on the night, not a booking company.

5.Is the DJ interested in what music you like?

 If you meet up with a DJ and they don’t even ask what type of music you are into then you should smell a rat. This disco is your disco, the entire evening should be based around your music tastes and if they are not doing that then you are risking listening to terrible music all night.

6.Ask if they give you a contract

Again, you are employing and trusting someone to do an important role. If they don’t supply you with a contract then there is no binding document between you. That means if they don’t turn up on the day, there is nothing you can do, it is your word against theirs.

7. Shop around

I know you are all savvy and probably emailing several DJ’s asking for quotes. All DJ’s will differ in price. Try to get to the bottom of why this is.


If someone is only charging £150, you might find it is because they turn up with smaller speakers, a laptop and play Nelly Furtado all evening (….sadly, that’s not even a joke.)



However, if someone is charging huge amounts then this is probably reason to be concerned too. Often there is little difference between people charging £400 and £600. Make sure you really get to the bottom of why people charge what they charge. Don’t be afraid to ask, they should have a good answer for you.

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