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Copthorne hotel Cardiff Wedding DJ

Copthorne Hotel Wedding DJ

About the Venue

The Copthorne hotel is just on the outskirts of Cardiff. If is a four out of a five star hotel on trip advisor and claims to be able to take care of the little details so you can just enjoy your big day. They can provide you with your wedding planner and are happy to go over all the details of your big day to make sure everything goes exactly to plan.


If you are thinking about getting married at the Copthorne Hotel, then you are making a great decision. Why not contact the hotel today to see when they have availability? However, if you are undecided, then why not visit trip advisor to read about what other brides and grooms felt about having their big day in the Copthorn and if there is anything they would have done differently.

Copthorne wedding dj

Contact me to have me play at your Copthorne hotel Cardiff

Why have a DJ play on your big day?

The two distinct options when you are thinking about entertainment for the evening of your wedding is whether to go with a band or a DJ. Now obviously most of the good wedding bands in Cardiff are over three times the price of me as a DJ. However I am here to tell you that, that is not the only reason you should decide to have a DJ over a band. Here are some of the top reasons


A band can take up three times as much space as a DJ. This means that I am much more appropriate for venues like the Copthorne where I can fit in a corner somewhere leaving a lot more room to dance and trust me, you will need a lot of room to dance once I start playing all the hits.

Every song under the sun

A band is always going to be limited to play the songs that the know. Most bands have a max of about 25 -30 songs in their repertoire. Well, I have every song that has ever been written available to me. Most of them I have downloaded, but even if I didn’t have it, iTunes could sort that out in less than one minute. Have the exact songs you want to be played at the exact times.

Play for the crowd at  the Copthorne Hotel

What happens of your wedding guests don’t like the music the band is playing, they can't suddenly change their entire set, they are playing the songs that they practiced. If I start playing music that isn’t working, I can change it up and try and entirely different genre.


If you are thinking about whether to go for a DJ or a band, why don’t we meet up and we can go through all the other benefits of choosing a DJ over a band and why I would be perfect to play at your Copthorne Hotel wedding.

Dance floor Copthorne Hotel Cardiff
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