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Do you need to hire a professional DJ to play at your Corporate Event in Cardiff.

corperate events DJ cardiff

Hire a professional DJ for your office party.



Have you been given the job of organizing your office function? Lucky you! Are you searching for a DJ to do a corporate event in Cardiff? From large organizations like Admiral to smaller office parties; if you need a corporate events DJ who can take your party to the next level then why not hire out a professional DJ with high quality equipment and years of experience?


I know that the name of my site is but that is only because the bulk of my work is for weddings and I created a site to cater for this. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that I only do weddings.


In fact, most office parties are very similar to weddings, obviously the event is different for the people attending but from my point of view, I am simply faced with a room full of people from all different walks of life who all have different musical tastes. This gives me the opportunity to play a huge range of hits from every genre.

Corperate event dj

Why hire me for your corporate party?


I am a young guy who is fun and reliable. Coming from the corporate world, you might appreciate the fact that I am not affiliated to any other DJ company and run this service completely off my own back. I bought all my own high quality equipment, I take all the booking, advertising and actually do all the Djing on the day.


I have DJ’d for years and do it primarily as a hobby. I have great fun being a DJ and from my testimonials I hope you can see that the crowd always have a good time too.


I have never missed a gig in my life and (touch wood) never had an equipment malfunction on the day due to great preparation. I am friendly and happy to take requests. If your office is a rowdy bunch who just want to have a great time, then I am your guy.


Why not give me a quick ring, I can run you through all my packages and what they include and can give you a quote over the phone.


Hire a local Cardiff DJ to play at your cororate event in the Capitol!

Lets meet!


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