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Choose me to DJ at your Canada Lake and Lodge wedding.

Canada lake and lodge wedding DJ

About the venue


The Canada Lodge is a brilliant wedding location. This beautiful lodge sits right next to a lake creating an amazing backdrop for a wedding and will leave you with incredible photos of your day!


The lodge is a small drive out of Cardiff and prides itself on its friendly staff and incredible food.


I’m sure you already have but make sure to visit the Canada Lodge website for more details about the resort.


If you have any doubt about the place, make sure to check out some of their reviews on trip advisor which should fill you with even more confidence that this really is a superb location for a marriage.


They offer two packages; The Scotia Package and The Deluxe Lakeside package. (Click on either link to download the full brochure)

Canada lake and lodge wedding

The Disco


After a fantastic day comes the moment that everyone is looking forward to, having a few drinks and having a boogie! The disco at your wedding will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life, it will be the only time you can be dancing to your favorite song with all your friends around you…and your grandmother! But in a good way, people will remember how beautiful your wedding at the Canada Lodge was but the thing that will make them smile when they think back, will be seeing Uncle John doing the air guitar in front of the whole room.



This is why it is important to get it right and make sure you pick the right DJ for you.




DJ disco at canada lake and lodge

Canada Lodge is a great location for a wedding.

Have a DJ that will match the high standard of the venue!

Lets meet!


Here are a couple of reasons I think you should consider me.


  • For me, the Bride and Groom come first. I will start and finish when you want, I can play the music you want and if there are any last minute changes, this is not a problem. This is your special day and I am here to make sure you day is enhanced!


  • I don’t talk over the music. This is a funny one because you might actually want someone to speak over the songs and interact with the crowd but for me, this is something typical “wedding djs” would do; “And this ones for all the ladies” just isn’t my style. I’d rather just play great music and let my song choice do all the talking!


  • I am 28, this means we have probably grown up listening to the same music. There is a high chance we have probably got similar taste in music.


  • I don’t play cheesy music, unless requested. If you want the YMCA, of course I do have it but again, if you are going to play some throwback songs, there are far better tracks than the Village People.


  • I am smart and presentable; I am active and always wear a suit to Weddings. There is a stereotype of wedding DJ’s being overweight, middle-age men playing the birdy song. I am certainly not this! I like to consider myself a DJ who plays at weddings rather than a Wedding DJ.


  • I own a mic and speakers, which can be used for wedding speeches.


  • Last but certainly not least, I can read a crowd. It doesn’t take long to work out what type of music the room is warming to and you can never second-guess what it will be. I have played 50th birthdays before where the song that got everyone up on their feet was “I’m sexy and I know it”. This is part of the magic of DJ’ing. It's the ability to bring a whole room together like this, then continuing to play the music that keep people up on their feet.


I hope these points will make you want to consider me for your wedding!

Feel free to have a look at some of my testimonials to see what other brides have said.


Hopefully speak to you soon.





To give you a good idea of what to expect on the day, why not have a look at this video shot by MJ films

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