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Need a DJ for a do at 107 Bute Street?

107 Bute Street DJ

Having a stag or hen do at 107 Bute Street? Why not have a club DJ to get the party going?

About the venue



Some of you may know that this is the town house that they stay at in the MTV show “The Valleys” which is basically about a group of 20 years olds from the Welsh Valleys who move to Cardiff to get completely drunk.


However, some of you may not realise that it can actually be rented out for big party’s. A very popular choice for stag and Hen do’s.


If you are interested in renting the place out you can contact the owner via his facebook page or even his website Bute 107.


This spacious town house can actually sleep up to 22 people and is available from £60 a head. Perfect if you are bringing a big group of friends down to Cardiff for a big night out.

Get a popular DJ to play at your party?


Some of you may be interested in going for a big night out in Cardiff Town but have you considered bringing the party to you? The town house has plenty of room for a big party as you can see from the video on this page the long room can easily fit up to around 30 people. The basement below can hold a similar amount with toilets, a pool table, a table football and a few couches. Why would you want to go to nightclubs when you have all this?


On the ground floor there is a very convenient space just behind the stairs where I can fit my DJ booth, lighting and speakers.

DJ gear set up behind stairs at 105 Bute Street

About my DJ style


I mainly do weddings as you can see from the name of my site but I started getting into DJing through creating my own dance music and working in clubs in London. If I was going to book a DJ, I would prefer to have some one who knows how to make a whole club move rather than just playing the YMCA like all the other portable DJ’s.


I always have the top 40 tracks in my record collation. You will be hearing the same music if you booked me as you would if you went to a club. However, don’t think that means I only play top 40. I am diverse and play to the crowd. I cycle through loads of different songs and once I have found a certain type of music that gets people going, I stick to it. The party is all about you, not me.

View from DJ booth in Bute Street

Build your own set list.


If you have a tone of “must haves” that you would like me to play, simple put together a playlist and I will make sure I play out all those songs at the right moments throughout the evening.


If you are at all interested why not get in touch for a quote?

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