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Have Wales No.1 DJ play at your Craig Y Nos Wedding

Craig Y Nors Castle DJ

About the Venue

Craig Y Nos Castle is apparently one of the most haunted places in wales. In fact the show “most haunted” did an episode there. Before I turned up to the venue I had heard a few stories but I was very pleasantly surprised. The venue was very warm and friendly. It felt very grand and not at all “creepy”.


The room I usually DJ in when I play at Craig Y Nos is big and spacious allowing for your bigger weddings although there are smaller rooms which can cater for slightly smaller venue too. If you are al at all interested in getting married in a Craig y Nos, why not have a look at their website for more prices and packages.

Whether you are having a big or small Wedding at Craig Y Nos, why not have the best party you can?

About Me


My name is Phil Harris and I would love to be your DJ at Craig Y Nos , as you can see from my images I have played at the venue many time before and every wedding there has been amazing. Usually big parties and very drunk guest who are up for a dance. To be honest, that is all you need to have a really great time.

Disco at Craig Y Nos Castle

The Music I play

The music I love to play is modern hits. Chart toppers mixed with dance tracks but that is certainly not all I play. In all honesty, I usually play what will get the crowd moving.


Before I play at your wedding I will sit down with you and go through all the tracks you want me to play and of course all the tracks you want me to avoid. I then go away and build up an entire set based around that music mixed win with all the hits I know that the crowd will enjoy.


When I turn up on the day my go to playlist will be the custom made set I created for your big day. However, having been in the industry for many years, I know sometimes the tracks that I have been asked to play may not be tracks that people get out of their chairs to dance to. I have some tracks up my sleeve that are guaranteed to get any crowd up and dancing. Once they are up, I like to keep to keep them there. My aim of the night is to keep as many people on the dance floor as I can at any given time.



Craig Y Nos often recommends me as one of the DJs as they know I arrive early, I can set up my gear quietly so no to disturb any of the guests and can pack away quickly and quietly at the end of the night. They also know that as soon as the music comes on I can get the room rocking.


Please feel free to have a look around my site and some of the videos on my site so you can get a vibe of what it would be like if I played at your wedding.


Wedding DJ Set up in Craig Y Nos
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