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Need a Dj for your wedding in Margam Orangery, Bridgend?

Orangery bridgend wedding dj

About the venue



The Orangery based in Margam park is  a very grand and lavish place to have your wedding. Its large and regal surroundings make for some stunning wedding photographyMargam Park itself is breathtaking; you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to having photos of the day.


You will not have to look far to see that this Venue has been given very good reviews for previous weddings that have happened there. Even though the venue is rather large, you can have smaller numbers there without the place feeling empty due to the décor. This is a huge factor for many people who are considering it.


Make sure you have a look at the brochure where they offer more than just information on the Venue, they also offer lots of helpful advice on your wedding day such as “tick lists” for other aspects of your wedding; these will come in handy where ever you decided to tie the knot.

Margam park wedding dj

Good location for a DJ?


You are probably asking yourself whether you want to go with a DJ or a band for your big day. Now, for 99% of couples this often just comes down to budget. I know, as a DJ most, people go with a DJ just to save a bit of cash and not having to splash out thousands for a decent band. However, there are lots of positives to going with a DJ in the first place. We do not just have to be considered a back up. Here are a few pointers you may not have considered.


  • We can play ANY song in the world. Perhaps you fancy a bit of everything, from Swing, through to rock and even dance music at your wedding. There will be no band that could do this. The maximum a top band will know is up to 40-50 songs. But this will be very established bands and of course this means they will be even more expensive.

  • DJ’s are easier, you do not have to make the effort to come and listen to me sing before your big day just to check I don’t have an awful singing voice. You will know what it is going to sound like as it will be your favorite music you listen to everyday.

  • I can play your favorite tracks the way you love them, not just my interpretation which is what you have if you go with a band,

  • I can play the music at a lower volume and have the desired effect. Many bands play at a much higher volume to get the crowd going, this does not have to be the case for a DJ. In fact, I can easily change the volume throughout the night for effect and if it is too loud or too quiet the music can be changed in seconds.

  • DJs can take you on a journey easier, start your night with Aretha, end your night with Guetta. From different time periods to different tempos, I get to play ALL the hits from past and present. You can’t even go to a club and listen to a DJ do this as club DJ’s have to play “just dance music” or “only R’n’B”. At your disco you can hear whatever you like. This is one of the reasons I really love DJ’ing at weddings.

  • Simple and effective. With a band the night is all about them, are they entertaining, do they sound good, what is the singer like, did he make any mistakes? With a DJ, that all goes out the window allowing you to just have fun with your friends and family, party the night away and leave me to keep the hits coming.

Why not consider the number one DJ in Cardiff for your Margam Orangery Wedding?

Lets meet!


Disco lights at margam park orangery

Positives of a DJ at the Orangery


The Orangery is a great venue, as you will see from many of the images, there is a large glass wall at the back of the room which compliments the lighting systems perfectly. This wall lights up the room during the day and also helps my lighting system, light up the disco for the party at the end of the night.


If you are looking for a DJ, have a look around my site. Hopefully my testimonials and my pricing will convince you that I am a great choice if you are considering a DJ at your Margam Park, Orangery Wedding.



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