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Need a DJ for Pontyclun Rygby Club?

Pontyclun Rugby Club DJ

About the venue



The Pontyclun Rygby Club is a very popular venue for birthdays. I do several birthdays here a year, from 18 birthdays through to 50/60th birthdays.


The thing that makes this club so popular is the size of the events rooms. I have seen crowds of well over 100 people fit into the events rooms and if there is more room needed for the dance floor, the tables can simply be moved back further.

Dj pontyclun rygby club

Contact the club?


The club itself has its own facebook and twitter page so there are many ways to get in touch but the easiest way to contact them if you are interested in booking is by calling them, their number is 01443222240.


My DJ Services


On this page I have included a few images of what my kit looks like. These images are from a recent 18th birthday that I did but the set up will look similar every time.


Most of my lights are set to this “neon purple” colour but if your event is a certain theme and you want the lights to be set to another colour, this is not a problem at all. For example if you were having a St Patrick’s day event and wanted a green disco I can set my lighting to be green instead.

Professional DJ service for your birthday at Pontyclun Rygby Club 

Lets meet!


birthday at pountyclun rygby club

My DJ Set up


If you were to book me you will get


  1. Me a professional DJ with thousands of songs and years of experience.

  2. A star lit DJ booth

  3. Back lighting to fill the room with what ever lights you want.

  4. 6 uplighters, these are stand-alone lights that can be shone up on the walls or onto the dance floor to give the room a colorful glow.

DJ equipment at PontyClun rygby club

The songs you like


I asked all the people who book me to send over a playlist of all their favorite songs and I can then build up the entire nights music around their favorite music. Don’t worry if you forget a song, years of DJing has left me with a huge huge list of songs, so if you really fancy one of your favorites on the night just come up and ask me for it.


Generally I like to let people know that they are in safe hands and to just trust my judgment. I have had many nights where people have requested a certain type of music but it turns out the audience love dancing to a different type of music. In these instances I like to just play the music that keeps people dancing.


If you would like to know more about me then why not visit my “about me” page.


If you need any inspiration of songs you might like, have a look at my music page.



Any thing else, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want a DJ at your Pontyclun rygby club birthday.

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