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DJ for Portland House Cardiff Bay

Portland House Wedding DJ

About the Venue


If you are reading this then Congratulations, there is a high chance that you have recently got married and you are looking for a Venue and a DJ for your wedding.


As a Dj I have been to most of the venues across Cardiff so I thought it might be a great opportunity for me to write about my experiences to help you.


I recently did a wedding in Portland house. The wedding took place in the Ballroom which is a grand room with a Victorian feel to it. There are four huge pillars around the corners of the room and large windows that give the room a huge amount of light. I would say that this room could hold a wedding with up to 200 guests.


The venue was impressive and is meters away from Cardiff bay, which gives you great options for photographs.


If you are interested in the venue then why not visit there website here to get more information about their packages and prices.


Alternatively, if you are undecided then why not visit this review site to read what other brides and grooms have said about their experience of getting married here. You can read about other peoples experience and see if they recommend it as a good place to get married.



Having spoken to the Bride and Groom at the venue they said the day went without a hitch and they had a great day.

Have a top DJ at your Portland House Wedding

My Premium Package at Portland House

The perfect venue for a DJ

If you are interested in having an incredible party at the end of your day then why not have a top DJ play at your wedding. As you will read on the rest of my site, my background is in Club DJ’ing and even producing my own dance music! (Don’t worry, I only play popular music at weddings, no remixes that I have done!) I do however feel that it is important for you to know this as you know that I have a background in professional Djing and I have a good idea about what makes a great dance tune having made music myself.



Even though I am used to playing in clubs I can tailor your wedding playlist to the music you love. Whether you are looking for a motown wedding, a clubby wedding or just a DJ that can tailor the music on the spot to please the crowd then I am the man for the job.


If you are interested, please have a look through the rest of the site and look at some of my testimonial to decide if I am the right DJ for you.

DJ gear in the Portland House
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