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Do you need a DJ for your Wedding in the Vale of Glamorgan Hotel?

Vale of glamorgan wedding venue

About the hotel


If you are getting married at The Vale of Glamorgan hotel, you have made the right choice. It has a superb selection of wedding suites for you to choose from. The most popular choice seems to be the Morgannwg Suite. However, if you are having a particularly big wedding some people go for the Castle Suite.


The hotel comes with its own Wedding Coordinator who can help you plan every aspect of your wedding from the wedding ceremony to the wedding breakfast and reception.

Vale of glamorgan wedding dj

All the DJ’s


I have to admit, I am not The Vale Hotels resident DJ as I specialize in Weddings and move to different venues most weekends.


However, they are more than happy for people to use a DJ of their choice so I wanted to create this page just to give you an additional option if you wanted to shop around.

The Vale of Glamorgan is a great wedding venue! Make sure you have a DJ that suits your venue!

Lets meet!


Dj lighing at vale of glamorgan hotel

Why Choose me?


My name is Phil Harris and I have been a professional DJ now for the past 6 years. There are several different DJ’s in Cardiff to choose from.. so why do I think you should choose me over the others.


In a nutshell:


  • I am experienced and I know what gets people on their feet dancing (and what keeps them there).

  • I do not speak over the mic throughout the entire disco. I let the music do the talking.

  • I am 28, so around the typical age of people getting married so I probably grew up listening to the same music as you. The chances are we have similar taste in music.

  • I listen to what the bride wants. I can play at the exact times you require me to, I can play the exact music you require me to and even if you change your mind on the day, I change any plan to suit you.

  • I own all my own equipment that is regularly tested so I can personally guarantee you that everything will work on the day.



The vale will give you spectacular memories with its incredible views and great hospitality. The area for the evening party is ideal for a disco and at the end of the day; all you are going to want to do is let your hair down and party with all of your guests. Make sure you have the right DJ at your wedding, a DJ that can read the crowd and keep everyone up on their feet.



Wedding dj at vale of glamorgan

What makes a good DJ?


We have all been out partying hundreds of times. Sometimes you just don’t feel like you are in the mood to dance. Well, more likely than not, its probably the DJ just reading the room wrong and playing the wrong music. A great DJ will just play the right tracks at the right time, before you know it you will look at your clock and realize you have been dancing for hours. The thought will not even cross your mind to go and sit down because you will me emerged in the music.


This is what I feel I am good at and my testimonials reflect that. Have a look at my testimonials by clicking here.


If you are interested in having me DJ at your wedding at the Vale hotel, why not get in touch?



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