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Have a professional DJ Play at your Caerphilly Castle Wedding.

Caerphilly Castle Wedding dj

About the venue


Firstly, Congratulations on your up and coming wedding! If you are looking to get married in a Castle, Caerphilly Castle weddings are spectacular! Unlike the other Castles in Wales, Caerphilly is unique due to the magnificent moat that surrounds the venue. This paves the way for some incredible photographs and scenery for your special day.


The castle itself contains huge, regal rooms that are ideally suited for all parts of a wedding day. Whether you are planning a smaller wedding or even plan on having up to 300 guests at your edding, Caerphilly Castle has the capacity.


As with some of the other Castles in Wales, this venue is council owned making it very reasonable price.  Due to this, it has become and increasing popular venue over the last few years.


The Caerphilly Castle website itself doesn’t give away as much information as other Wedding venues in Wales. However, have a look at this historic wedding venues guide and remember there is always trip advisor reviews that can help you make your decision.

If you are getting Married in Caerphilly Castle, then you need to party like a king and queen!

Caerphilly Castle wedding

Why have a DJ at Caerphilly Castle?


The grand rooms and prestige of getting married in a castle will create an incredible atmosphere for you and your guests, making your wedding really stand out. At the end of the day when everyone is in the mood for a celebration it is important that you keep the day rolling with the same standard, the rest of the day has provided.


Here are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider a DJ to play at your Caerphilly Castle Wedding:


  • Turn the castle into a disco. This, in itself is very fun thing to do and there are no better people to do it with than your family and friends.

  • DJ lighting really compliments the stone walls of a castle

  • A DJ booth is quite small and can be tucked away allowing you and your guest more fun to let loose and have an amazing party.

  • A great DJ is one who can read the crowd and keep people on their feet to dance the night away. Ever had a night where you have just danced all night long and didn’t even notice? Well it’s probably because you had a great DJ at the venue that was playing music you loved. The great thing about having a wedding DJ is that that I am here to please you. Let me know your favorite tracks and I can play them all night.

  • A DJ can easily adjust volume levels. At the beginning of the evening when people are still drinking and chatting, you might want the DJ to start off a bit slower and have the volume and energy level change throughout the evening, or you might want me to come in with absolute bangers to get everyone up straight away, this is much easier to do with a DJ than a band who will always have a limited range of songs.

  • If I start playing pop music but I realize that swing music is getting everyone on their feet I can continue to do this all night, however, bands usually can only do one genre.

  • Finally, how many times have you danced to you favorite music in a castle? This is a once in a lifetime event and you have to try it!




Lets meet!


Caerphilly castle wedding disco

Why Choose me?



I consider myself friendly, reliable and professional. Really, the three most important traits you can ask for in anyone who is providing a service for the most important day of your life.


The second most important thing is that I am here to enhance you wedding day. I can play between any hours you ask and play whatever music you ask. I am here for you and your guests.


Feel free to look at some of my testimonials and my homepage for more information. If you have and interest in having a DJ at your Caerphilly Castle wedding, do not hesitate to get in touch.





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