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Benefits of having a DJ at your Cardiff Castle Wedding.

Cardiff Castle wedding disco

About the venue


Cardiff Castle is literally in the heart of the capitol. The whole city is built around this historic location and there is something quite regal about having your wedding day here. Not to mention the fact that the prices are quite reasonable  due to it being a council owned venue. Put these two factors together and you suddenly have an increasingly popular wedding location!


I am sure you have already been on the Cardiff Castle wedding site, but if you are unsure you should definitely have a look at the some the glowing reports this venue has had on its testimonial page.


So see all the information about their prices and packages, read their full brochure here.


Wedding DJ Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is a spectacular location.

Have a DJ that will give you a disco fitting for the day.

Getting married in a castle will give you that incredible rustic feel that would only come from a castle, your wedding photographs will be stunning and your guests will be blown away by the unique location. The rooms feel lavish and fit for a King and a Queen, which is a perfect fit for a day you will remember for the rest of your life.


Have a wedding disco to fit!


After a fabulous day at the castle, everyone’s sights turn to having an incredible party. There is nothing better than having a drink at the end of a long day and having a boogie with all your family and friends around you. Why not have a DJ at your wedding?




DJ in Cardiff Castle

The benefits of a DJ at Cardiff Castle


  • Many of the rooms at Cardiff Castle are unusual shapes. This is fantastic for making the venue unique but has a draw back of making the rooms feel slightly smaller.  A DJ takes up little space and can work tucked up in a corner of the room, this opens the room up for more dancing space.


  • DJ lighting can look spectacular against the brickwork and unusual angles of the room paving the way for some fantastic photos of the night.


  • With a band, the music revolves around them, with a DJ, it’s all about the music; often leading to people getting up for a boogie sooner.


  • Bands will have a set list of songs they have performed and know. A DJ has access to thousands of songs in seconds. Ever been dancing and thought, “I wish my favorite song would come on next”, well its your wedding day, if you want a song, let me know and it can be the next song on.


  • High quality music playing out exactly how you have heard it millions of times before, not a bands slant on a song you love.


  •  A good DJ is one that reads a crowd and moves the room according to the communal music taste. I have done many weddings where I have started with Motown and by the end of the night, been playing David Guetta. Through out the night, people energy levels change and it can be really exciting moving a room through a specific range of song that keep the energy and excitement levels peaking.


  • Volume levels that can be changed in an instant. At the beginning of the evening, not every one wants to get up and dance. It can be a real hindrance having music playing so loud you can’t hear yourself think. For a DJ, this is something that is literally a case of turning the volume knob down.


So why choose me?


Why not have a look at my about me page where I talk a little more about my experience and DJ style.


My testimonials will give you a good idea about how my DJ sets have gone down at other weddings.


Also make sure you check out this video of me where you get a small insight into my personality. Hopefully I come across genuine and friendly, which I think are two important factors in making someone’s wedding day even more special.




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