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Why not have a DJ at your wedding in the Celtic Manor Hotel?

Celtic manor wedding dj

About the hotel


This is one of the most prestigious wedding Venues in Wales, being the only 5 star hotel in Wales and winning hundreds of awards. If you choose to get married at the resort you can guarantee that your day will be one that people remember!



From Asian Weddings to Civil Partnerships, the Celtic manor has hosted thousands of weddings. The hotel prides itself on allowing the Bride and Groom the ability to give their final touches to the venue.


Feel free to download the Celtic Manors Wedding Package and Menus right here.

Celtic manor wedding

Along with the spectacular views you will enjoy great food and great company with all your family around you. When the end of the day comes and everyone starts to gear themselves up for a party, you want to make sure you end your wedding day with a party that is fitting of the venue.


Why not hire a professional DJ?


There are certain technical aspects of DJ’ing that take years to master, but I really don’t want to bore you with this. I will however address some questions that I regularly get asked.


When will I start and finish?


I will start and finish whenever you ask me to. It is your special day and I am here to entertain you and your guests. If you want me to begin slightly earlier or later I can, we can make all the arrangements before the big day but rest assured, if there are any change in plans on the day, I am more than happy to alter the arrangements last minute.



The Celtic Manor is a prestigious venue to get married at!

Make sure you have a DJ that fits the venue!

Lets meet!


Celtic manor wedding party

What type of music do you play?


I am happy to play what ever music you like. If I am honest, I tend to stay away from typically cheesy music like the YMCA etc, but having said that, if you particularly love that song or have any requests, I am not against playing cheesier music at all. I usually read the room and see what gets the most people up on their feet. If Rod Steward is the doing the job, so be it. If you are looking for more modern R’n’B and dance I can do this too. I have all my music with me at every wedding so any plans or music can be changed on the day.


Do you have your own lighting and equipment?


Some hotels like the Celtic Manor do have their own sound systems, however the answer to the question is yes. I own all my own lighting, speakers, DJ decks etc that can be erected anywhere. I own my own equipment as I know it is all regularly tested and insured. This means I can personally assure you that everything will work on the day!


Can you play till late?


Yes, I am free to play late but it would be worth checking with the Celtic Manor how late they allow DJ’s to play for as most hotels do not allow parties to go on later than 12 due to noise disturbance.



Meet me


Feel free to have a look at the video above.


It a short introduction so you can get a vibe of what I am like.


Also make sure you read my testimonials by clicking here.


Hopefully the testimonials speak for themselves. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions or are considering having a DJ at your Celtic Manor Wedding.



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