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Have a professional DJ play at your Pencoed House Wedding in Cardiff

Pencoed house wedding DJ

About the venue


Pencoed house is a beautiful wedding venue in Cardiff. It is an Estate that stretches over 36 Acres. This makes for a nice peaceful venue, perfect for incredible photographic opportunities. The site describes itself as “perfect for a fairy-tale wedding”, with its rustic look mixed with class and elegance, I would agree.


The site has two main packages, the Silver package, being the more expensive option and the Tate package for those who are on a slightly tighter budget.


Having said that, this wedding location is reasonably unique as it gives you a “pick and mix” option with small extras you can choose from at the bottom of their tariff page.


If you are at all unsure about the venue, then it is always a good idea to read the reviews off other people who have got married there in the past. Two great review sites to reference is trip advisor and a site called “for better or for worse” which is a wedding review site.


Pencoed house wedding reception

Have a party to remember at your Pencoed house wedding.

Lets meet!


So you are looking for a DJ?


The reality is, when you are having a band play at your wedding, a lot of people will ask, “oh really, what band are you having?” and with a DJ most people go “oh great!” but don’t tend to ask which one on the assumption we are all the same.


In fact, I am going to slightly go against the grain here and say that out of all the weddings you have been too, you probably will not even remember what the DJ looked like?


So what am I saying? It doesn’t matter what DJ you have? Absolutely not! In fact, I think this is perfect. In my opinion, my job as a DJ is to make the night all about the music, the lighting and the mood in the room. Unlike a band, the night is not really about me, it is about you enjoying the music you love!


I am not one of those DJs that talks over the mic every 5 seconds… “and this one is for all the ladies”. I consider this to be quite old fashion. For me, it is simply about reading the room and playing the tracks that are going to keep everyone up on their feet because they simply cannot stop dancing, not because the DJ has asked everyone to get up.”



DJ at pencoed house wedding

The DJs you will remember will be the bad ones, the ones who:

  • don’t take requests,

  • play music to please themselves and not the crowd,

  • just play the most random music,

  • talk over the mic constantly,

  • are texting while they are working.


I think a great DJ is one where people come away and they simply say, “that was great, everyone was up on their feet dancing and we all had a great time.”


This is what I know I can provide because I have a track record of it. Your wedding Day at Pencoed House is all about you. I can arrive when you want, (including music for your Wedding Breakfast) start the disco when you would like and finish when you want (depending on time restrictions of Pencoed).


We can meet before hand and agree on any tracks you would like me to play and any you would want me to avoid at all costs. We can talk about the crowd that are attending your wedding and what type of music is most likely to get people up and even what song would be perfect for your first dance.




Why Choose me?


Hopefully you can see from my testimonials that I have had a lot of happy customers. Touch wood, I have never had any major problems at any wedding and have had a consistent stream of great reviews.


Unfortunately, I cannot put a video of me up on my site because of copywrite (obviously I play other peoples music), but I don’t do anything fancy like scratching, or over the top mixing, I simply play one huge hit after the next, a guaranteed formula to get the masses partying.


If you are at all interested in having a DJ provide the entertainment for your big day, do not hesitate to get in touch!



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