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DJ for Dyffryn Springs

Dyffryn Springs Wedding Dj

About the Venue

Are you interested in having a top DJ to play at your wedding in Dyffryn Springs? Dyffryn springs wedding venue is out towards Cowbridge, it is about a 30 minute drive away which is extremely convenient and is really close to the park Dyffryn Gardens (as the name would suggest).


The venue its self is actually a marquee that sits on the egde of an incredibly beautiful lake. As you can see from these images, the venue itself is incredible and the perfect place to have a great party.


If you would like to see more information on this venue then why not visit their website or alternatively you could have a look at some wedding trip advisor reviews.

Dyffryn Springs DJ lighting

Make your Dyffryn Springs Wedding party one to remember!

One other tip

Something else I always suggest to people is to look at local photographers websites to get a well-rounded idea of what the venue is like.

disco at dyffryn springs

Have a great party to end a perfect day

I love DJing in Marquees. There is something about marquees that get people in a really summery mood, even if it isn’t summer time. The venues are always a little smaller which means the weddings are usually a little bit more intimate.


One of the biggest issues you will also have at wedding parties is people not wanted to get up and dance in front of a room full of guest sitting down. Don’t worry about this, because a marquees are usually long, you will not feel like all eyes are on you at the end of the night when you fancy getting up for a bop

The perfect wedding DJ

I have done countless weddings through out South Wales and I feel the reviews speak for themselves. Please take a moment to have a look at my testimonials and see how I have gone down at other people’s weddings.


I have a track record of getting people up on their feet and I do not shy away from promising I can do this at every single wedding I play. I have experience of playing to every single type of crowd and have gathered an extensive playlist that can suit all occasions.


If you want to have a party to remember then why not get in touch with me today. I can send over a quote and we can meet up and discuss how we could make your wedding party better than everyone else’s ;)

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