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We have noticed a few other DJs who are cheaper, can you come down in price?
I feel the reason certain DJ’s are cheap is down to the quality of the equipment and lack of experience. All of my equipment comes to a price of over £7,000. All this, supplied along with a professional DJ. The reason I charge this is because I feel this is reasonable for what I supply.


I could come down in price if you wanted to supply the equipment but I would feel more comfortable using my own as I can guarantee its quality.


Remember that you only get one wedding day, do you want to take a risk and hire a cheap DJ or do you want to feel confident that you have the best wedding DJ in Cardiff?

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We have thought about just using a playlist on our iPhone, how do you feel about this?

In all honesty, for people who have a small budget, I don’t believe it is a terrible idea.


I have known some weddings to set up a computer in the corner and guests can add songs to a playlist on Spotify.


If you are strapped for cash, it would be much cheaper hiring an amp for better sound quality.


But what you are paying for is the experience a DJ has of picking right tunes at the right times. Keeping the energy levels up  (or even slowing them down if they think people need a bit of a breather), cutting a song short if people are uninterested and being able to judge the vibe of the evening.


You want to just party and let loose, if you have pre-made a list of songs, you will be looking around at people and worrying that your choice in the song was the wrong one. Having a DJ will just let you relax and have fun.

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Do you bring backup equipment?
I always carry backup speakers; these are always the most important things. I have immediate access to these to keep the party going. All the equipment is carefully maintained and tested annually.

In case anything ever went wrong with my decks, my computer will act as music back up and visa versa.


Touch wood, neither of these things have ever failed.


In case both my decks and computer broke, I also carry around an iPad with Spotify and hours music on it.


There is ZERO chance that you will be left with a silent disco!

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Do you speak over the songs?
No, some DJ's do party games and talk over the songs, I like just to let the music talk. If you wanted me to interact with the crowd, I can, but my style is usually to let the music do the talking.


If you are looking for a DJ to do party games, I'm probably not the DJ for you.

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How much do you charge?
Email me with what package you are interested in, and I will get back to you within one hour with a figure.
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What type of music do you play, do you take requests?
I have a unique way of making sure your music is perfect on the night. I will ask you to create your ideal wedding playlist on a Spotify account. One week before the wedding I will ask you to send this list over and I will download all of the songs and put together a killer playlist which includes all of your favourite tunes, and other tracks that I know will go well on the night.
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What equipment do you use?
I list all of my equipment on my site; feel free to have a look through. I also give links to professional reviews of the products I use so you can see what high-quality product they are based on other peoples opinions, not mine.
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How many people can you play to?
My standard DJ equipment is ideal for audiences up to 300 in number, but I have additional equipment that can cater for substantially more if required.
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How will you be dressed for the evening?
I will be dressed in formal attire so that I will fit in at all weddings.  If you would like me to dress in a particular colour or suit, just let me know.
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What area do you cover?
Anywhere within a 150-mile radius of Cardiff. I have played as far as Birmingham and London. This does cost more but the majority of London DJ’s charge over £1500; having me drive from Cardiff will save you lots of money!
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What happens if you are ill on the day?
Having been a DJ for over five years, I know lots of other DJ’s who could fill my shoes in case of an absolute emergency. But rest assured, I have never missed a single event and don’t plan to. I am very reliable!
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How much time will you need to set up?
I always arrive at least 1 hour before the event, on arrival I check with the staff to set up the equipment safely and discreetly to ensure I am ready for when you need me.
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Are you insured?
Yes I am fully insured to the amount of 10 million for my public liability policy insured through Hencilla Canworth via the NADJ. I also carry full portable appliance certification for my disco equipment required by most reputable venues.
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Will you be able to sign a contract?
Yes, I always insist on signing a contract confirming all the of agreed arrangements. This is a business agreement and it is absolutely necessary that there is a contract in place.  
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What are your payment terms?
On booking my services a £100 deposit is required, the remaining balance to be paid on or just before the event. 
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Can you play for longer if we want you to?
Yes, if you see my prices you will find that every hour I play past midnight, I charge an extra £80. Even if this is not agreed beforehand, I will accept payment upfront on the day and play for as long as you want.
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How far in advance do I need to book you?
I put all of my availability on my website. If I am free, I am free. If you want me to play this weekend and I am available, give me a call. Once your deposit is paid, I instantly mark that day as unavailable. You can take a chance and book me last minute, or you can call up and book sooner. It’s really up to you.
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Can I speak/meet with you before my function?
I always think it’s important to meet at least once before the big day.  It is a good way to go through exactly what you want face to face. I also think it is important you have a chance to meet me and grill me about any aspects of DJing you want so you know that I am legitimate.


Also, we might be able to come up with some good ideas together to make your special day even better.

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What Does Your Disco System Look Like 
Have a look at my packages page. This will give you a good idea of what my set up will look like. Also feel free to have a look through some of my instagram images. You will see lots of images of my stand at different weddings I have attended.
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