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Hire a top DJ for your

Gay wedding or Civil Ceremony

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The perfect DJ for your wedding

I am going to start this blog by saying that when I DJ for a gay wedding, I am not really doing anything differently. Please don’t think that I am simply going to turn up and play gay anthems all night because this is really not the case at all. The reality is that I actually go through the exact same process as I would when I do any other wedding. I meet up with the clients and go through all their favourite music tastes and make sure I have a great selection of songs around their favourite music.


Then on the night of the wedding I play the music that gets the most people dancing. Now if this turns out to be the greatest gay anthems of all time then so be it, but really I will be doing the exact same thing as I usually would.

Have a top DJ to make your gay wedding one to remember!

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Your Music, your tastes

As I have mentioned, doing a gay wedding doesn’t change much for me, I will get your favourite music and this will simply become a starting point for what type of music I think the crowd are going to like. From this point on I will try out a couple of different genres and see what people seem to respond to the best. Once I have it figured out I will simply continue to play more of this music.

Whether most of the people attending your gay wedding are gay, bi sexual, transgender or even just mostly straight people, this makes no difference. I have played at many gay weddings in my time and have even DJ’d at gay clubs. Some of my favourite weddings have been gay wedding because they seem to be the biggest parties and celebrations.

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So why am i writing this blog?

I suppose the reason I am writing this blog is just to let people know that I am happy to play gay wedding and civil ceremonies. Just in case you are search for a gay friendly DJ you have just found one.


If you are interested in me being the DJ at your gay wedding then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will give you the best price around and we can discuss what package you are interested in having!


Civil ceremonies are always a time for celebration and if you want to have the best party you possibly can for your wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can work out how we can make your Gay wedding one that people will remember!

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