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DJ for Joylons

Wedding DJ Joylons

About the Venue

I recently did a wedding at Joylons on Cathedral Road in Cardiff.

The hotel is a small and exclusive hotel that has a very boutique feel to it. Downstairs is a really quaint feeling bar and upstairs in the events room which is reasonably spacious and could probably, hold up to 60 guests or so. This venue would definitely be more suited to a couple that have a smaller wedding and would like to simply keep the wedding local to the Cardiff area.

The venue itself is probably not the place you would actually get married, more of a place that you will go after to have the wedding breakfast and disco. However, I am sure that it is possible to get married at Joylons if you wanted to.


If you would like to know more about the venue such as there prices or to simply see more images of what the wedding might look like then why not visit their website here.


Alternatively, I always suggest looking at review websites such as Trip advisor to read what other brides say their wedding day was like. This will make you feel a lot better about whether you are making the right decision or not.

Have a top DJ at your Joylons 


Joylons Disco

Hire  Pro DJ for you Joylons

The venue is a reasonably small venue and the room where the party will take place is upstairs. At a wedding you only really have two options, to have a wedding or a band, I personally do not think there is enough space to have an entire band play upstairs. For a DJ on the other hand, it is quite simple to tuck all my gear away in the corner of the room leaving ample space for the guests to dance.

Dancing in Joylons

What to look for in a DJ

A DJ is there to play music, but more often than not, you are not employing me to simply press play, otherwise, everyone would just take along small speakers and an iPod. What you want from me is to bring a nightclub to your venue. I have top of the range speakers and lighting that can turn this cute wedding venue into a pumping party. My aim of the evening is to get everyone up on their feet dancing and having a great time to all their favorite songs. It is my job to read the audience at Joylons and make sure that I am playing the right tracks at the right times.


If you want an experienced DJ who can make your wedding party one to remember then you have just found him!

Wedding DJ Cardiff
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