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L.E.D Dance Floor Hire in Cardiff

White LED Dance floor

Make your disco come alive!

A white, star lit LED dance floor can really add an amazing touch to your Cardiff Wedding. The twinkling stars can make any venue look like a Vegas nightclub.


I always say with music, people hear what they see. So what do I mean by this? Well, imagine walking into a room with an iPod plugged into some big speakers and one disco ball. Sure, you can have a dance to the music but it isn’t very visually interesting and fails to excite people. A great disco is one that excites people, a disco that can get peoples adrenaline pumping and fills them with energy.


Excitement is key to having a great time on the dance floor. That is what DJs really aim for; building the room into a dancing frenzy filled with high energy and excitement.


Even thought the music is always going to be the number one factor, the secondary factors are visuals. Flashing lights, dimmed room and a classy dance floor is a massive player in people wanting to jump up and dance.

Dance floor for hire

What makes a great party?

In my experience you simply need a good mix of three things




This will always be a major factor for really getting people in the mood


A great mixture of music played at the right time


A great disco should slowly build through out the evening. People need to ease into it, playing slower tracks at the beginning and when everyone is up, playing all the favorites to keep them there.




Last but certainly not least is great lighting. Ok, the first two could probably do by themselves but the lighting is something that turns a good disco into a great one. The lighting will add to your guest experience and will be the thing that will make people reach for their iphone and take a picture. The lighting also adds a massive hint as to when people should be dancing.


This is it! It really is a simple formula and one we have all followed hundreds of times throughout our lives. That is why it works.




Cardiff Dance floor for hire

Do you need to hire dance floor?

With or without a dance floor, people will get up and have a dance. However, this is the most important day of your life, why not splash out an extra couple of quid and turn your evening disco from a good one to a fabulous one. An LED dance floor will add that finishing touch that you will not regret.


Out of all the customers I have ever had who have rented out the dance floor, not one of them has regretted it and every one of them said it added a great touch. So much so, I have decided to add a few testimonials just for the dance floor!




“The led dance floor that Phil provided was fab! Much shinier than I was expecting actually and really made the room come alive. If you are thinking about whether to splash out and pay the little extra, I would say go for it! It made for some great images from our evening and the kids absolutely loved it!”


Sarah Flinton

“I booked Phil for my husbands 50th and he asked whether I would be interested in the LED dance floor. He told me it would add a nice touch so I decided to go for it. I have to say, it really changed the venue. We had the event in the golf club but I have never seen the golf club like this before. It totally transformed the room and I think it might have had quite of big effect on people dancing. It was always full! I am glad I went with it in the end”


Jane Hartshorn

“If you are thinking about getting the dance floor, just do it! We went for the smallest size 8ft x 8ft and it was more than enough. We just thought, the amount we were spending on chair covers, why not just pay that little extra to get the dance floor and we didn’t regret it, it looked really great!


Phil set the dance floor up in the morning so some of the tables actually sat on the dance floor during the meal which I thought looked really nice and then in the evenings revealed this great sparking dance floor. It definitely added to the day!”


Dave Harris

Anchor 1



8ft x 8ft

10ft x 10ft

12ft x 12ft


Number of people

25 People

35 People

50 People 


£400 inc Vat

£450 inc Vat

£500 inc Vat (most popular)


These prices are on top of the packages included on my site.


I urge you to do research into other DJ’d and their dance floor hire prices before making up your mind. If you have any further questions about the quality of the dance floor, do not hesitate to get in touch for specifics.

Lets meet!


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