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Llechwen Hall Wedding DJ

llechwen hall dj

About the Venue

If you are thinking about getting married in Llechwen Hall, then you are making an excellent decision. Llechwen Hall considers itself to be “A romantic setting on a hilltop location, surrounded by the beautiful Welsh countryside, Llechwen Hall is the ideal venue for your dream wedding day.”

It claims to be a romantic and intimate setting which would be perfect for a slightly smaller wedding, anywhere between sixty to eighty guests. The food in this venue is excellent, and the views are breathtaking. If you are thinking about getting married here, then I would suggest making sure that they have availability as this venue does tend to book up years in advance, especially for the peak seasons.


Like with all other venues, I always recommend going to the website of the venue to read more about what they offer. Get in touch with them for their price listings and availability. It might also be worth looking at a few different photography websites to see what your pictures could look like if you got married here and even look at some review sites such as trip advisor to see what other brides made of their experience.

Contact me to have me play at your Llechwen Hall Wedding

Llechwen hall wedding dj

Choose an experienced DJ

Llechwen Hall is a great venue to have a DJ, as it is a slightly smaller venue it means there is slightly less room. A DJ set up is far smaller than bands set up and gives you a much better space for a dance hall. If you were to choose me as your DJ you are going to need a lot of space to dance ;)


I have played at hundreds of weddings across South Wales and have performed at almost every single wedding Venue.  This means I have had experience with every single crowd going. From the Celtic Manor to small Rugby clubs, I have played them all, so I know what it takes to get every type of person up on their feet.


I have top of the range equipment that can turn your Llechwen Hall wedding into a top nightclub for the evening. After having an amazing day, you are going to want to party with all your guests and have the best time. This is the time of the day that you can just relax and know that you are in safe hands with me playing all the hits!


Please get in touch today to see if I am available for you big day!

Dancing at Llechwen hall
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