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Wedding DJ for Manor Parc Hotel

manor parc hotel

About the Venue

Recently had the pleasure of DJing at the Manor Parc Hotel. This is very convenient for me as I actually live in Whitchurch so it is just 5 minutes up the road. The hotel is lovely and has some amazing views over Cardiff. The Manor Parc website describes itself as a superb setting for any occasion. It is a family run business that has friendly staff and  a lovely interior. The interior of the hotel feels grand and a perfect size venue for a medium to small wedding.


I was playing in the orangery which had a built in dance floor in the middle of the room. I set up just by the glass windows, everyone eats around the outside of the dance floor then when everyone wanted to dance, we dipped the lights, put on some party lighting and turned the music up and everyone partied until the early hours.


If you are interested in getting married in a place like this then why not visit some review sites such a trip advisor. I always recommend this to brides and grooms as you can get advice there off other brides and grooms who also got married in the same place.

Contact me to have me play at your Manor Parc Wedding

dancing in manor parc hotel

Why choose me to play at your Manor Parc wedding?

The Manor Parc is a perfect place to have a DJ over a band, as I mentioned, this is because its is a smaller venue than some of the other venues in Cardiff. It means I don’t really take up much room but my speakers can really fill the room and turn the orangery into a night club at the end of the night.

wedding dj manor parc hotel

What type of music do I play?

If you are interested in booking me as your wedding DJ, I will always ask for you to send over a list of songs that you enjoy listening to in your own time and what songs you think your guest will enjoy. I know that this is your wedding day so it is important to me that I can tailor the music that I play to your needs as much as possible.


Even on the night, you and your guests are my main focus so I am more than happy to take requests and play what ever music is getting the crowd going.


If you would like to meet me and go through how I can make your wedding evening one to remember then do not hesitate to get in touch!

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