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Wedding DJ for the Millenium Stadium Cardiff

millenium stadium wedding

About the Venue

Did you know that it was possible to hire out the Cardiff Millennium Stadium, or should I call it the Wales Principality stadium, (even thought everyone hates that name). Yes it is possible to rent out the venue for your big day, now I have to say that this does not mean that you can have your party on the pitch unfortunately but it does mean you can rent out some pretty luxurious venue rooms.


The Stadiums website talks about getting married in a great location, and I have to say that I would certainly agree with that, you and your guests will never forget that they went to a wedding in the Millennium Stadium.


The venue rooms are large but are probably better for people who are having a slightly smaller wedding, perhaps 80 to 100 guests.


The Millenium Stadium websites talk about how the entire day is planned and organised around your tastes and exactly how you would want your big day to go. If you are interested in getting married in the Principality Stadium, then I would suggest that you go to a couple of review sites that could give you a much better idea of what it is like to get married in the Venue.


You can hear it first hand from other brides and groom about their experience and whether they would recommend it or not.

Contact me to play at your Millenium Stadium Wedding

millenium stadium wedding dj

Why have me DJ at your millennium stadium wedding?

I am a Cardiff boy who has played at hundreds of weddings across South Wales; I have a music collection that can keep anyone on their feet until the early hours. My way of looking at DJing weddings is that you and you partner just want everyone to have fun, this means picking a great venue, having lovely food and then, of course, getting drunk and having a good dance at the end of the night. This is where I can help; I can turn one of these venue rooms at the Millennium Stadium into a nightclub at the end of the evening.


I can play the hits that are going to get you and all your guests up on their feet and keep them there.


Many of the Brides and Grooms I work for talk about how they didn’t stop dancing all night and how they had seen family members on the dance floor that they had never seen dance before.


If you are at all interested in me, DJing at your Cardiff Stadium wedding then do not hesitate to give me a call or just contact me for a quote. I will hopefully speak to you soon.

disco room principality stadium
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