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Getting Married at Penpont Estate? Need a DJ?

Penpont Estate Wedding Barn

About the venue



Penpont Estate in Brecon is a fantastic Wedding Venue. It is easy to find and incredible scenic. The large grounds make it perfect for a Marquee and there is a barn at the back that has been built just for Weddings.


This venue has an unspoiled charm about it, the large manor house is covered  Victorian Rose and the interior décor of the house feels like you have stepped back in time. This paves the way for some incredible wedding photography.


However, as I mentioned above this venue is very popular for those who want to hire out their own Marquee. I have seen some very impressive Marques in the grounds. This comes down to the fact that the venue only does one wedding a week, giving you ample time to set up the Venue how you want it to look. This is a major selling point for people who want to have a bespoke wedding theme.

DJ lighting Marquee Penpont

Have an incredible disco at your Penpont Estate Wedding!

Lets meet!


Is a DJ right for Penpont Estate?


Absolutely! Whether you plan to have your wedding outside or even in the triangular barn, a DJ can create an incredible party at the end of the evening.

Even if the Marquee is 20 foot out, one extension cable is all I need.


The venue is in the middle of nowhere so your evening party can extend late into the night, which is something that many other venues will not allow. Noise restriction cause many parties to have to stop by 1 o’clock. However, because of its location, you can have me play far later. This is why many people who get married at Penpont tend to have a band and a DJ, they have the band to start the night and then a DJ to play till the early hours.

Why pick me to play at your wedding?


Well I can answer this is three words. I am presentable, I am well spoken and friendly and I am reliable. Believe it or not, when you are dealing with weddings these are the three things that are the most important.


I have an ethos that it really is you big day. I can start playing music when you want and I can end when you want. Today is about you, the bride and groom.


A wedding DJs job is a reasonably simple one. Keep the music playing and keep people on the dance floor. This is a reasonably simple formula that many DJs can get wrong! Ever been to a nightclub where no one is dancing? Ever been on a night out and just not felt in the mood. I think we have all been there but what about the opposite. Have you ever gone out, not intending to have a dance and before you know it, you find yourself up on your feet and a great boogie. This is often a sign of how experienced the DJ is.



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