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DJ for your Rosedew Farm Wedding

Rosedew Farm Wedding Dj

About the Venue

If you are reading this then you have probably recently got engaged. If so, then congratulations!


Browsing for different wedding venues can be tiring and after a while they all begin to look very similar. I thought as a wedding DJ that has done hundreds of weddings throughout South Wales that it would be a good idea for me to take a moment and comment on a few venues I have been to with the aims of helping out newly engaged couples.



Rosedew Farm is a really nice Venue that sits right on the Welsh Coast, surrounded by Coastline and rolling hills it is an incredibly scenic place to tie the knot. The Venue itself if not huge but will suit a reasonable sized wedding and the Venue owners pride themselves on giving you the chance to convert the Barn into whatever you want it to be for you big day.


Their website itself doesn’t have much information, however it does have a video of a recent wedding on it that will give you a good idea of what to expect. Alternatively, why not take a moment to check out some other wedding that have happened there on some of the local photographers site.


If you are in two minds as to whether or not to get married at this venue, why not visit a few review sites such as trip advisor to see what other brides have said their experience getting married in this there? This will put your mind at rest that you are making the right decision.

Make your Rosedew Farm Wedding party one to remember!

Rosedew Farm DJ lighting

Partying in Rosedew Farm

So after the ceremony, the thing that people are going to be looking forward to is the food, the drink and then the party. One of the most important things for any wedding is the party at the end. Whether you decide to go for a band, a ceilidh or a DJ, you are going to want to have something that is going to get people up on their feet for a great boogie.


This is where I can help. Even though many people like to go for a something slightly more traditional for their wedding days, a wedding dj has some major benefits:


  1. I have something for everyone, with thousands and thousands of songs at my fingertips; I will have something for your grandparents right down to the most recent number one. This can be changed in the press of a button. If you go with a band, you are restricted to what ever they have learnt.

  2. I can adjust the volume with on knob. If it is too loud and I can turn the volume down and if you really want to get the party ricking, I can turn up the volume with a single switch.

  3. I don’t take up much room, which is perfect for this venue, just put me in the corner and let me get the party started.

  4. I am half the price of a wedding band. In fact I may be even cheaper than that depending on who you go to?

Wedding Party at Rosedew Farm

Why Choose Me?

I consider myself friendly and reliable, I understand what get a dance floor moving and I am happy to play the music you give me rather that simply playing the music I like. Why not contact me today for a quote and see if I am the right guy for you.

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