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Wedding DJ for Rudry Parish Hall

Rudry Parish Hall

About the Venue

Are you in the middle of booking your wedding to take place in Rudry Parish hall? This small quaint venue is about half way between Cardiff and Caerphilly about ten minutes down the road from the Meanllwd Pub.


The great thing about this wedding venue is that it really is a blank canvas, you can decorate it however you would like and because it is such a blank space it means it comes with a much smaller price tag for those who are on a slightly tighter budget.

Dancing in the rudry parish hall

Contact me to have me play at your Rudry Parish Hall Wedding

How to choose a DJ for you Parish hall wedding?

When you start messaging all the DJ’s in Cardiff you will probably notice that they all get back with different quote, some people are very expensive, some are very cheap and you are left scratching your head as to which DJ is best for you. Now yes, if all you are looking for is the cheapest DJ then your decision can be made simply on budget. If however you are putting a lot of effort into your wedding day and would like to have someone who can fit in with the vibe of the evening you want then this is where you need to find out a little more about the person who is DJing at your wedding.

DJ in Rudry Parish Hall

Why choose me to DJ?

I have played at Rudry Parish hall a few times. Being a local DJ in Cardiff I have played at almost all the wedding venues in South wales. Along with this I have gained a huge amount of experience and have worked out a formula that works every time.


I ask all the couples to make an extensive list of all the dos and don’ts’s when it comes to the music. I want them to make a list of all their favorite artists genres and songs. I then take this list and make one big playlist for the evening. Now if they have given me hundreds of songs, I tend to just stick to their list but say I am only given about 20 songs I can then go off and build and entire playlist around the songs they have given me. So if it is mainly rock I can add in hundreds of other rock songs that I know always go down well from the hundreds of other weddings I have done.


If you are getting married in Rudry Parish hall and would like a DJ to create an incredible party at the end of the night that will get everyone up on their feet dancing to then do not hesitate to get in touch and I can send over a quote for your evening.

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