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How I personalise your Wedding DJ sets

Hey, Guys. I wanted to write a quick blog about the number one thing that makes us different to all the other wedding DJs in Cardiff; we allow you to customise your set list fully.

Whether you are looking to have your unique music played from beginning to end or even if you would like to just send us in a certain "musical direction" by giving us your top twenty songs, then this is not a problem at all.

You can make your set list as unique to you and your guest favourite music as you like.

first dance cardiff wedding DJ

Top Cardiff Wedding DJ tip

Many of the guests like to get all their guest to email them with their favourite song when they RSVP. Then this extensive list can be used to make up your wedding playlist. This will ensure that everyone at the party has at least one song that they love and will be itching to get up and dance to on the wedding night.

How I customise your wedding DJ playlist.

I absolutely love Spotify for this. The main reason being that you can easily create a list of songs that you love on the go. You can download the Spotify app to your phone and add music to it whenever a song pops into your head or whenever you hear a song being played that you love. If you start doing this a few weeks before your wedding, you will have a great playlist set up a few weeks before your wedding day. Another tip is you and your partner can have this same playlist synced on both of your phones so can work together to build up a killer wedding playlist.

The beauty of Spotify though, is the simplicity of sharing this playlist with me. In two clicks I can have this playlist sitting in my inbox.

Spotify wedding dj

Once I have it, I can go through and download all these songs onto my DJ software which will allow me to seamless blend these tracks together throughout the night to keep the crowd rocking.

What if we don’t have smart phones and Spotify?

No worries at all, make a list of your favourite music on a word or txt document and send that over to me.

Remember, even though I allow you to send over a list of your favourite songs, you don’t have to. You can simply ask us to do what we do best, and that is to get people up on their feet and dancing.

Throughout the evening, we are not just playing songs at random, we are looking at the crowd move and playing songs that we think people are going to love, and tracks that we thing will keep people on their feet at your wedding.

If we feel we have some great tracks that would go down well, we will play those too, however, If you hate the idea of this and are certain you only want us to play the music you have sent over, don’t worry, just let us know, and we will make sure we stay “within the script”.

dancing at wedding dj cardiff

Creating your Cardiff wedding playlist

Whether you are sitting down with a glass of wine a few days before your wedding to create this playlist, or even if you having been planning your wedding music for months, I always ask if the playlist can be sent over to me a week before your wedding for me to go through it and structure all your music to make our performance the best it can be on your wedding night.

If you have any questions about Spotify, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help you.

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