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What to expect from our DJing on your wedding day in Cardiff

When we come to DJ at your wedding in Cardiff, we will have certain characteristics that we do that are unlike any of the other Wedding DJs.

For example, some DJs like to talk over the mic a lot; some DJ’s do party games and some DJ's only play a particular types of music. The list goes on. I wanted to write this article to give you an idea of what you can expect when we turn up.

What to expect from Wedding DJ Cardiff

Setting up our DJ equipment.

Joe and I dress incredibly formally when we turn up. We dress as if we were going to any wedding. We tend to set up the equipment towards the end of your wedding breakfast or just after speeches.

We are fast and discreet, we can usually set all the equipment up in 20 minutes, but we always like to allow 30-40 mins for this, just in case.

We aim to be as quiet as possible so we do not disturb your wedding day. Our aim is for people to only notice we have arrived when the music starts.

Early evening songs at your wedding in Cardiff

We will start off with some slower background music. We are aware that most people are not going to want to start dancing at your Cardiff wedding the moment the first song is played. Because of this, we tend to play softer music at a lower level to begin.

Having said this, if we see people are enjoying the music, we can quickly turn on better songs at a moments notice.

Your first dance.

The only real announcement we make throughout the evening is the announcement of the first dance. When you come over to let us know you are ready, we will ask everyone to gather around for the first dance. It is your wedding so take your time; we are totally flexible when it comes to timings.

first dance at wedding in Cardiff

Talking over the Mic.

We come from a club background; we do not talk over the mic and try to let the music do the talking.

We feel that DJ's that talk over the mic are distracting and take away from the vibe of the wedding.

We feel that your wedding day is about you and not us so we just play great music that is going to keep the entire wedding on their feet.

What is our DJ style?

We are aware that no two weddings are the same. We start off by playing great songs that you will have already requested. Then it is just a case of observing the crowd. We watch what songs get your wedding party moving. It doesn’t take long before we know exactly what works and what doesn't. At this point, we make sure we keep playing the hits that are going to keep everyone up on their feet.

We aim to go through all your favorite music, mixing in songs that we always know goes down well. We avoid any cheese if we can and blend all the songs seamlessly into each other, so people never leave the dance floor.

packed dance floor wedding DJ

Our DJ goal.

We aim to make sure every wedding we do is better than the last. We strive to keep your entire wedding Party dancing till the early morning without having to ask people to get up.

If you are looking for professional DJ’s who do weddings in Cardiff and across South Wales, give us a call!

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