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What happens if your wedding DJ is ill?

This is a question I get asked quite a lot; “what if you are ill on the day?”.

Well, the first thing you need to know about the company Wedding DJ Cardiff is that there are two of us running the company. We are both highly qualified DJ’s that have been doing the wedding circuit in Cardiff for the last few years. We have worked together and worked separately.

We are the only DJ company in Cardiff with two DJ’s behind the decks. We do this for two reasons; variety, and so we can continuously push each other to get better results out of the party we are working at.

The secondary beauty to this is that if one of us is ill, the other simply does the wedding alone.

Wedding Disco in Cardiff

The benefit of having a company with two DJ’s

If there was just one of us and we woke up feeling a bit ill, we would probably just drag ourselves out of bed to do your wedding.

This is what would happen with any other DJ who you decide to hire. If there is only one of them and they feel run down, they will just have to turn up to your wedding coughing and spluttering.

With us, if one of us is not feeling 100% up to it, we simply don’t come.

We know that a good party is all about the vibe and the music. If one of us is not 100% up to it, the other just picks up the slack.

on the dance floor at a Cardiff wedding

Have security in your wedding DJ

It is essential that you always find out the backup plan of your wedding DJ. If you know there is only one person who works at the company, ask them what their back up plan is. If they say “well, I know a few other guys who could come worst case scenario”, I would avoid them. You need to have confidence that if you are paying a lot of money, they send a fully trained and highly experienced DJ in their place if they are ill.

Have a DJ that always has a backup for his back up.

If Joe and I are both Ill, we work closed with another DJ company who can send along a fully qualified DJ to take both our places, however, we can say in five years of doing this job, this has never happened.

You are in safe hands with us so if you decide we are the DJ's for you, just know that your wedding party is covered! Check out our testimonials if you want a bit of confidence.

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