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Benefits of a wedding DJ over a wedding band.

Wedding Dj over a wedding band

This is the age-old question when people are getting married. Do we have a wedding DJ or a wedding band? Most people will now that the primary reason you would choose a DJ over a wedding band is the price.

A wedding band is obviously going to cost more and so they should. You are paying for five people whereas a DJ you are only paying for one person and in the case of wedding DJ Cardiff, you are paying for two!

Should I choose a wedding DJ?

Price is only one factor though so let's take a moment to look at all the other pros and cons of a wedding DJ over a wedding band.

Wider selections of songs at your Cardiff Wedding.

Let's face it. A band is only ever going to have a limited number of songs at their disposal; these are songs that they have rehearsed. What happens if you love a song and they don’t know it? You just have to make do with whatever they choose to sing.

Imagine if you had a DJ who turned up and just played all the songs he wanted to play. It would be awful. This is one of the critical benefits of a DJ, you can request any song you want, and it can be placed within minutes of the request.

This means you can fully customise your wedding DJ playlist, even on the wedding day.

why choose a wedding dj

Your favourite songs, as you know them.

Any band would put their own spin on a song. If you love the killers, you like them because the killers are singing the song, not because a south wales wedding band have learnt how to play Mr Brightside. Of course, there is some charm in people actually playing the music for you, but it is never going to beat the original.

When you have a DJ playing songs for you, they are playing the original music just as you and all your guests know them, not a unique variation of the song.

Instant volume adjustment

I have been at so many weddings when someone decided to make a speech or, cutting the cake happens, or even if people are all eating their evening meal. At these moments, playing music at full volume is just not suitable.

I can instantly turn down my volume by turning one knob. Wedding bands do not have this luxury as they have several instruments that are all balanced against each other. Not to mention there will be a drummer who can only turn down his volume but play lighter which most drummers hate doing.

More room at your cardiff wedding

Change of genre on the dot.

At a wedding in Cardiff, you have people of all ages and all walks of life. This mean there is a huge variations of the music tastes in the room. A good DJ will be able to play a bit of something for everyone. Within minutes I can be playing music for teenage girls and then in the next, I am playing some golden oldies for the grandparents on the dance floor.

I can keep everyone happy. A wedding band will most likely only play rock and roll and some pop music. These days though, if you were to look at chart music, most of the chart music is electronic. There isn’t that much rock in the charts.

We can play music from the charts as well as rock music, older classics, sing-alongs. There is a massive variation of music that we can play that a band simply cannot.

More room to dance at your Cardiff Wedding

The other obvious thing is that we take up much less room than a wedding band. This is perfect for those people who are getting married in a smaller room or for those people who simply want more room on the dance floor for all their guests.

We often do weddings in Cardiff for weddings that are up to 300 people so we can cater for all crowds.

Get in touch today for a quote.

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