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Do you bring back up speakers to our Cardiff wedding?

back up wedding dj speaker Cardiff

A question that is commonly asked is “ do you we bring back up speakers to the Cardiff wedding disco”.

The answer is that we have back up plans of our back up plans.

We know that gear can go wrong sometimes with no reason at all. After you have paid hundreds of pounds for having a wedding DJ turn up, the last thing you are going to want is for something to happen which would leave you with no music on the night.

So how many backups to we bring? Every wedding we do, we bring in three main speakers. Two top-end speakers and one bass unit. The truth is that if any one of these speakers blew, the other two speakers would be more than enough to keep the party going and no one would even notice.

However, if two speakers both blew, we have an additional set of speakers in the car as an emergency back up.

Do you have back up of all your Wedding DJ equipment?

We know that the speakers are not the only thing that could go wrong, we have spare cables, spare DJ decks, we have a secondary laptop and we even bring along an iPod, so just in case everything broke we can still connect an iPod to our back up speakers.

The chances of this happening are incredibly low.

Speakers tend to give you a hint if they are about to break, so for example, they might start to crackle or the power might tend to go on them. Very rarely do they just completely stop.

The chances of all our speakers breaking and the backup speakers all breaking on one night are very very slim, and if they did, we would, of course, give you a full refund and compensation of £500 for the inconvenience.

back up wedding equipment

Has your gear ever stopped working on the night?

NO, our gear has never stopped working on the night, and we have never had to use our back up speakers. We check out equipment every night before we turn up to do a wedding so we would know before we even got to your wedding disco in Cardiff if there was a problem.

When you hire quality wedding DJs in Cardiff, not only are you guaranteeing a fantastic wedding party but you also ensure that there will be no issues on the night.

What you are paying for is quality and a guarantee that your wedding party with the run without a hiccup!

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