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Top five wedding venues for a DJ in Cardiff | South Wales

Being Wedding DJ’s, we have been to every single wedding venue across Cardiff many times.

After playing at many venues, a couple have become our favourite. Not only because they are great venues, but also because some venues just suit DJ’s better than a band.

This might be for many reasons; from the space that people have to dance, to the size of the room and the acoustic energy that can build up from playing great music.

There are many reasons why specific wedding venues in and around the Cardiff area have become our favourite.

This blog is all about our favourite venues and why.

1. Bryngarw House

We have never done a wedding at Bryngarw house that we have not enjoyed. There is always a great summertime vibe in the venue even in the middle of winter. The marquee is a great size for any size wedding, and of course, there is a bar near the dance floor, which always helps to get people in the mood.

I would recommend a DJ in this space over a band because the marquee is slightly smaller and a DJ can make more room for all the dancing that will be going on.

On a spate note, the venue also does excellent food, and they are lenient if you want your wedding to go on later than 12!

2. Miskin Manor

The Miskin Manor is by far our most popular wedding venue we go to. The space for the disco is a great space, which is perfect for our DJ set up and lights. It is simply not enough room for a full-size band which is why I feel this venue is far more suited for a DJ than a live band.

We love the fact that this venue has a designated room for dancing. This means people cannot sit down and just watch people dancing, you are either in the place having a dance, or you are out of the room sitting down. This undoubtedly leads to more energy.

The room is quite small and dark which lends itself to dancing and letting your hair down without feeling like you are being watched.

3. Cardiff Castle

We love this venue for similar reasons to the Miskin Manor; it is a small dark room, which is perfect for our disco lights. We can pump the music up and create a lot of energy in that space. We feel the place is far better space for a DJ over a band simply because we take up much less room and this means you can ultimately have more room for dancing.

We also love the vibe of Cardiff Castle, not only is it in the heart of Cardiff, but it is like having a party in a dungeon, and that is awesome!

4. Canada Lake and Lodge

This is a great little venue. We have played here many times. One of the best things about this place is that you are having a party overlooking a lovely lake, which is cool. It has an almost American vibe to it.

The unusual shape of the room makes for some great acoustics that makes our speakers come alive.

We have done some great weddings at Canada Lake and Lodge with some incredible energy.

5. Rosedew Farm

You will probably have noticed by now that all the venues we love playing at having a similar vibe. A slightly smaller space, which is perfect for a DJ. Rosedew farm is no exception. It is an excellent space for a party. The barn has incredible stone walls, which come alive with our disco lights.

The venue is small which means people will be cramming in to have a dance, which creates a fantastic effect.

All the venues we have mentioned are our favourite venues by far.

If you are interested in having Cardiff's number one DJ playing at your wedding. Get in touch today, and we can get you booked in.

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