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Wedding DJ for the Bear Hotel, Cowbridge

Bear Hotel Cowbridge

About the Venue

The Bear Hotel is in Cowbridge describes itself as a luxury getaway, a pristine hotel that is surrounded by the beauty of the Vale. They say that they can make your dream day perfect by giving you a bespoke package that will make you and all your wedding guests feel special.


It is a smaller venue which lends itself perfectly to a smaller wedding and of course hiring a DJ over a band.



If you are interested in getting married in the Bear Hotel then why not visit their website here. Also, have a look at some reviews sites to read about other Brides and Grooms experience of getting married at this venue.

Bear hotel wedding dj

Contact me to play at your The Bear Hotel Wedding

Hire me as you wedding DJ

When it comes to the Bear Hotel a DJ suits the venue because it is a relatively small. A DJ can tuck away in the corner, if you were to have a big band then they may take up too much room in this smaller venue.


On top of that, you can make your wedding playlist as bespoke as you like. You can either send over a list of all your favourite music, or you can just ask me to play all the hits that I know will getting the entire room rocking. With a band, you will be restricted by the songs that have in their repertoire.

The Bear Hotel Wedding

How many weddings have you performed at?

I have been DJing now for some years and have almost lost count of the number of weddings I have played at, but I can say it is in the hundreds. I have experienced and seen everything you think I could see at a wedding. I have the experience to deal with any crowd and have had every single song request that you could ever imagine. For your wedding at the Bear Hotel, you will want an experienced DJ who can think on their feet and deal with whatever the dance floor throws at them; it is about selecting the right song at the right time and predicting the directing that the dance floor will want to move.


I know many people think that DJing is just about pressing play but it is far more. I have to predict what type of music the people at your party will want to dance to and be prepared to change and swap it up as and when.


I also have a great array of music that I can select in a moments notice in order to keep your merry wedding guests on their feet and having a great time.


If you are interested in me playing at your Bear Hotel wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch today for a quote.

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