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Wedding DJ for the Park House / Vanilla Rooms

Vanilla Rooms wedding

About the Venue

Are you planning on getting married at the Park House Hotel or as some know it as Vanilla rooms? If so then you have picked a very nice wedding location. The website says that the hotel has a very Chic and exclusive feel to it that will give your wedding day a very intimate vibe.


The location of this hotel is very central and is a stone throw away from the new Theatre. The upstairs of the hotel has a very boutique feel to it that is not dissimilar to Jolyon's. Downstairs is the vanilla rooms, which is, like a little bar/ club that can be used to hold the evening event. This is where I will be DJing.


Park House prides itself on good food and great wine. They say that one of the main benefits of getting married there is the fantastic food you will receive throughout the day.


If you are thinking of getting married in Park house, then make sure you visit their website as I always recommend, always read review sites such as trip advisor to see what other brides and grooms thought about their wedding in this venue. You will be able to read first-hand what it is like and this will help you decide whether this is the right venue for you!

Contact me to play at your Park House Wedding

Vanilla Rooms wedding dj

Why have me DJ in Vanilla Rooms

As mentioned, Vanilla rooms is the bar/club underneath this hotel. If you choose to have me DJ at your wedding, this is the area I will set up when you are finishing your wedding breakfast.


The reason you would pick me over other wedding DJs is my mixture of competitive pricing mixed with my experience and the fact that I let you create a custom playlist for your night. If you have specific music tastes, I allow you to send over an entire playlist of all your favourite music and I can build up a list of songs around your favourite genre that I know will get the crowd going.


If you are in any doubt, please take a moment to have a look at my testimonials to see what other Brides have thought about my service.


Get in contact today to check if I have availability for your Park House wedding as I tend to take bookings up to two years before some weddings.


Hopefully, I will speak to you soon!

disco room Vanilla Rooms
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