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If you are looking for your ideal Wedding Disco in South Wales, look no further.

First things first, what really makes a Wedding disco? Apart from booze, I think there are three main things that will make your wedding night one that people will be talking about for years to come…

Happy bride at cardiff wedding

Music that gets the room



A perfect mixture of classics that get everyone up on their feet and chart topping hits that people can sing at the top of their voices.


I update my music daily with the latest songs so your Wedding set list will be professional and current.

DJ equipment in cardiff

A professional DJ to read the crowd

From years of DJ’ing, I know what people want. I can read a dance floor and once I have people up on their feet, they are up for the night.


Years of experience has given me a knowledge of what works.

south wales wedding party

Top quality lighting and speakers

These are the unsung heros of a good disco. Top quality speakers and proffessional lighting actually make a big difference between who is up and dancing and who isn't.


Get this right and everyone will be up! I can do this for you.

There are many mobile discos in South Wales. They all have different prices and all offer slightly different things. However, I generally think its important to bring it back to the basics of why it is a great idea of have a DJ at your wedding


  • All you want is for everyone to get up and have a boogie.

  • Having a couple of drinks and a party is often the bit that most people look forward to at a Wedding.

  • Most Brides say it’s the part of the day when they can just relax. Having a professional DJ take part of the evening events can just leave you able to relax and party with everyone else

  • A DJ can cover a wide variety of music and handle last-minute or unusual song requests.

  • DJ is able to manipulate their volume easily. This can be turned up towards the end of the evening when everyone is up or keeping it a little lower at the beginning of the evening as people are drinking.

  • It’s easy for a DJ to keep up to date. My music is updated daily, I have even heard songs I like on the way to a wedding and played them out that night.



Wedding disco in south wales

Let me introduce myself


My name is Phil Harris, I have a love for music and dancing. I have over 5 years experience as a professional DJ, however I just consider myself someone who enjoys having a good time and listening to great music. As long as I am having a good time, so will the dance floor. I spend all day, everyday listening to music and if I’m not, its probably because I’m making my own dance tracks and remixes.


I have never found DJing a job, I love playing out great music and watching people react to it. This is the most important thing really and I think this is what matters the most.



I have enjoyed Djing at some of Wales best wedding venues from Caer Beris, Caerllan to the Miskin Manor to name a few.


If you are interested in reading a little bit more about me, please click here or watch this video here.




The thing that will make or break a wedding disco is the music. I can get people on their feet and keep them there all night!


Lets meet!


So how much do I charge


I pride myself on being open about all of my prices, I list all my packages and prices on my site, if you are interested in having a look click on my packages page. Always make sure you contact me directly in case I have any offers on at the time your having your Wedding.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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