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The Ty Mawr, the perfect wedding location for a DJ

Wedding Dj Ty Mawr

About the Venue

The Ty Mawr pub in Cardiff is a lovely place to get married and growing in popularity year on year. If you are from Cardiff, you probably know the pub; it is located just on the outskirts of the city (just up past Lisvane). If however, you are not from Cardiff then all you need to know is that it is a great little rustic pub with amazing views over the capitol city.


If you want to see a little more about the venue then why not visit the Ty Mawr website where you can see what packages you can get and even have a look at their menus.


If you want to read reviews from other people who have got married there then why not got to trip advisor to read some reviews.

The Ty Mawr is a great Wedding Venue and the perfect size for a DJ and a great party!

The function room

I have done a few weddings in this pub and all of them have been in their main function room, the room is a long, bright “countrified” room with a few doors that head out onto a lovely terrace that overlooks the city. The room has a log burning fire and all the furniture in the room is wood. The ceiling is tall and often there are fairy lights that hang from the beams that give the room as very magical feel.


Usually the ceremony takes place in the room, then everyone filters up into the main pub area, during this time, the room is then arranged for the wedding breakfast with all the tables and chairs arranged how you would like it.


Then all the guest filters back down for the wedding breakfast and then at the end of the day a few tables are moved to the side to create a dance floor at the end of the room. This is where I can help.

Wedding dico at ty mawr

Your Ty Mawr Disco

The Ty Mawr is a very popular venue to hire a DJ rather than a band. The reason for this is that it is quite small. Although bands can play here, it reduces the size of the dance floor, as there is only so much space. My booth and lighting however can squeeze in the corner quite nicely allowing for maximum dancing room (which is good because if you go with me you are going to need it J)


On this page you can see a few images of what my set up looks like in the venue and I have even posted a video from my last wedding I did there so you can get a vibe of what your wedding might look like.


I really enjoying playing the Ty Mawr and because it is a pub, usually everyone gets really drunk and has a great laugh at the end of the night! (Which is what you want really)


Wedding DJ Set up in Ty Mawr Cardiff
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