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Finding your perfect Wedding DJ in South Wales!

Wales has some of the best wedding locations in the world, whether you are looking to get married in a castle or even Cardiff City Stadium. Have a look at this list of some of the top locations Wales that will suit almost any couple.

Cardiff south wales wedding DJ

Choosing the right Wedding DJ for your South Wales Wedding could leave you with memories that you'll never forget!

Last memories


You don’t have to look far before you find the most spectacular scenery for your wedding day… But when the lights go down at the end of a long day and people are geared up for an amazing party, lets face it, it comes down to lots of booze and getting everyone up on their feet to dance the night away.


Your wedding day will be spectacular, but the thing that will put a smile on peoples faces when they think back to your wedding is seeing Uncle John doing the conga at the disco. A great Dj can make this happen by simply setting the right mood.




Party in south wales

Why choose me?

  • Well presented, friendly, and proffesional.


  • Over 5 years experience and fully insured.


  • Available until 3am.


  • FULLY bespoke playlists available.


  • Highly recommended by customers.


  • Available to meet for a  FREE consultation.

Wedding parties are great for getting people of all ages, shapes and sizes up  and just enjoying the music together. You can go out clubbing as many times as you like in Cardiff on a Saturday night but there is nothing better than when your favorite song comes on and you have got your grandma to the left of you and your dad to your right.


It’s an easy formula that will give you memories that you will never forget, but it is important that you get it right.


For me Djing is more than playing some cheesy music and speaking over the mic. It’s about creating the right mood; it’s about understanding how important the evening is to the bride and groom and guiding them towards memories that will stay with them for life.


I like to think my testimonials show that I do this well.

Wedding dj south wales

About me


My name is Phil Harris and I have been Dj’ing for over 6 years. I have done countless weddings across South Wales and I can assure you I know what works and what people love at a wedding.


I am trustworthy, professional, experienced and yes, I do take requests on the day.


I can play between what ever hours you like and I can keep the room on their feet.


If you have a certain type of music you like, I can gear my set toward it but generally I go on my instinct on what seems to be working. So, for example, if the Motown tracks seem to get people going more, I will make sure I keep them coming.


These above points are really all you need for a great party. I know that your wedding day may be slightly stressful for you but I want to make sure, the end of the night is a time where you can just relax and enjoy your party along with everyone else.


Why not get in touch? It is important that you feel comfortable to ask me whatever you want and know that I am the right man for the job.



(Here are a couple of questions you can think about asking a DJ as I imagine this is all new to you!)

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