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Are you thinking of having a DJ at your St Davids hotel wedding?

About the venue


Congratulations on your up and coming wedding. If you are thinking about getting married in the St Davids Hotel and Spa, you are making and excellent choice.

St Davids Hotel is one of very few 5 star hotels in Wales. When the celebs come to town, this is the hotel they all stay at from Robby Williams to 50 Cent. The hotel sits at the edge of Cardiff Bay looking out over the water, this paves the way for spectacular wedding photographs and scenery.


I’m sure you already have but why not have a look at some of the website for more information. Even better, have a look at some of the reviews on trip advisor.


The website hitched also list some reviews and ratings of the wedding venue and give it 5 stars. In other words, all round great reviews from the customers and experts.

St davids hotel wedding DJ

Why choose a DJ for your St Davids Wedding.


A DJ is a fantastic way to end a brilliant wedding. After a long day filled with ceremonies, drinks, speeches and cake, most people want to just let loose and have a few drinks and a dance.


There is no better way to celebrate a wedding than to get everyone together dancing around and united with some of the greatest hits.


People will come away with some incredible memories from your wedding day but the thing that will make them smile will be thinking back to the evening entertainment, so you want to make sure you get it right.




St Davids Hotel and Spa is one of the few 5 star Wedding Venues in Cardiff, make sure you have a DJ to match!

Lets meet!


DJ wedding disco at st davids hotel

Why Choose me?


Here are a couple of points to why I think you should choose me for your evening entertainment.


  • For me the Bride and Groom come first, you can tell me when to start, stop and even what songs to play. This is your big day and I am here to enhance it. Of course, you can just ask me to get everyone up and dancing or we can sit down and go through all the songs that you would like played.

  • I am a young, presentable guy who loves DJ’ing and constantly updates my record collection. Why do I say this? Well, it won’t take you long to discover that your stereotypical wedding DJ still exists. Balding, middle age men who are sick of DJing and only do it for the money. These guys really are out there. Wouldn’t you rather have someone who enjoys it and loves to get into the music with you?

  • I can read a room, sometimes everyone is up after one song but sometimes you have to ease people in. This usually depends on when I start. If you have also had a band, I can come straight in with a few belters to keep everyone up. However, if you have me start early while everyone is still drinking and socializing, it is best to ease the dance floor in. If you are having a conversation with your nan, the last thing you want is music pumping so loud you cant hear yourself think. I can work the room and adjust the music and volumes to what the crowd want. The main thing is you can trust me to turn up on the day and be reliable. If you have any doubts please have a look at my testimonials!

  • I am upfront about all my prices; please see my prices page to get an idea of how much I charge. Many DJ’s like to have a bit of a dig-around first to see how much they can charge you. If you are getting married in the St Davids Hotel, you will probably find many of them instantly put their prices up. Well I don’t. I have set prices so you know what you are getting.





I am an experienced DJ who you can trust. Please have a look at the video on my home page. Hopefully you will see I look honest and trustworthy. If you have any doubts please have a look at my testimonials!

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